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Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Cottesmore has invested in various systems and applications in order to provide excellent continuity of education which will be employed in the event that the government orders schools to remain closed beyond the half term due to the coronavirus.


We Are Here For You

The whole team is here to support you. We acknowledge that this might be daunting for some, so please do contact us if you need help structuring the day or a hand with encouraging the girls and boys to settle down to their work. Our systems of reward and sanction will remain in place for the duration and we are very happy to help you with these structures. You will find the team receptive and giving when it comes to advising you; we will be allies for the common goal of giving your girls and boys the very best possible education that they can receive at this time.

Remote Learning Programme Booklets, in PDF format, for both Prep and Pre-prep are available here:

cottesmore remote learning booklet lent term 2021.pdf

cottesmore pre prep remote learning booklet lent term 2021.pdf