Cottesmore School




‘Geography is important because it allows us to understand the world we live in and make independent, informed decisions using this understanding.’ (Paul Goodstadt)

  Geography is a subject encompassing the study of global issues and world events in all areas.  The study of geography allows human beings to explore their world and to understand how nature’s forces interact.  Geography is the where, how and why of so many facets of human life and existence; without the study of place, location and identity we are lost.


‘Geography helps us think more intelligently about ourselves, how to live and the futures that we may need to face. It succeeds in doing this because as a subject it holds things together, in place, across the physical and human domains. It helps us understand the significance of scale and connectedness.’
(David Lambert)

At Cottesmore the geography curriculum allows children to explore their own environment; to satisfy their innate curiosity; to engage with topics of a global dimension and to broaden their awareness of people and places.  Through map skills and global location studies the pupils find out where places are and develop essential life skills.  Through debate and discussion they examine the evidence and review facts.  Through reading and writing they engage with texts, considering bias and influence.  In recording their work they take pride in presenting material to good effect and enjoy creating a positive environment in which to study.

The fantastic environment of Cottesmore facilitates outdoor study, enabling pupils to undertake practical fieldwork right on their doorstep.  Trips also take place to local settlements, rivers, lakes, parks and places of interest.  We are fortunate to be close to the South Downs, Cuckmere Haven and the Seven Sisters Country Park: these areas provide great opportunities for further outdoor study and practical experiences.