Cottesmore School




The English department aims to transform children at Cottesmore into grown-up writers.

Children at Cottesmore are lucky to have the age of innocence extended by being part of this special prep school wonderland; however, when these young people write, we want a sort of switch to flick and for the children to become writers - grown-up writers. Weekly lessons include Words lessons, How To Be A Grown-up Descriptive Writer lessons, How To Tackle Comprehensions lessons, Punctuation and Grammar lessons on CenturyTech, Handwriting and Presentation lessons, Poetry lessons and Class Reader lessons.

We like to give the young writers at Cottesmore a plan, whether it be the Ten Commandments for descriptive writing or the Five Different Comprehension Question Types sheet for comprehension work. We love reading and reciting poetry and using some of the lines in our own descriptions. We study the Romantic poets because, like them, we choose to write about nature a lot.

Every child at Cottesmore has his or her own Words Album, where they are encouraged to collect words and phrases that they find interesting and might use in their own writing. The class readers are a combination of classic literature and more modern books.

We hope to encourage children to love reading, love using grown-up language, love poetry and love describing in a grown-up way.