Cottesmore School


Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Our first duty when a child arrives at Cottesmore is to make him or her feel happy, secure and at ease in these new surroundings and to realise that school is an extension of home.

To achieve this, we have a well-tried system of checks and balances so that children always have someone special they can talk to or confide in.

There is a strong network of Pastoral Care at Cottesmore; the following are some of the avenues for communication and care - these include, but are not limited to:

  • all Teachers;
  • the Designated Safeguarding Lead;
  • the Form Tutor;
  • the Head;
  • the Head's Wife; 
  • the Independent Listener;
  • the Informal Peer Mentor;
  • the Nurse, the Matrons; 
  • the Member of Staff in charge of discipline;
  • the Pastoral Tutor; 
  • the School Counsellor; 
  • the Set Master/ Mistress; and 
  • the Shadow when pupils first arrive.

Please consult our Glossary of Pastoral Care Personnel for further clarification.

Cottesmore is divided into Houses - known as Sets - and each Set is run by two members of staff who take a special interest in the welfare of the children in their Set. Form Tutors and Pastoral Tutors too, take a close interest in the well-being of the children in their Forms.

The school is structured in such a way that the children always have someone special nearby to chat with. The Headmaster and his wife, Senior Houseparents, Matrons and indeed all other members of staff are there to listen and talk to the children at any time.  A copy of Cottesmore’s Happiness Charter is posted in every room in the school, reminding your son or daughter that there many people to whom they can turn.

On arrival in their first term, new children are introduced to their Shadows, whose job it is to take care of the newcomer in these first important weeks. The Shadow will look after your child’s every need; showing, guiding and supporting as he or she settles in and becomes confident with the school’s routine.