Cottesmore School


Why Cottesmore?

Why Cottesmore?

Cottesmore has been praised highly in its last three inspections. In the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) report there were an unprecedented seventeen counts of ‘outstanding’. 

‘The teaching meets the aims of the school: to educate pupils extremely well’ – ISI 2008

We believe that every child has a special talent and that by giving each pupil the opportunity to take part in our programme of high quality activities, they will find something that they will love and feel inspired by.

'All pupils experience a wide education at the highest possible level' – ISI 2008

This helps them to find the confidence to excel in other fields, both academic and extra-curriclar.

'Music at the school is outstanding'  – ISI 2008

We believe that a safe and happy child is one who will thrive in every aspect or his or her education.

‘The quality of pastoral care is outstanding’ – ISI 2008

The strong pastoral system at Cottesmore revolves around the premise that every pupil is treated as a member of the extended family and has responsibilities to that community. The size of the building allows most activities, academic and pastoral, to take place under one roof giving the feeling of home.

'A special family atmosphere is apparent at all times' – ISI 2008

The government body Ofsted have also deemed us to be of ‘exceptional quality’ and outstanding overall. They also report an outstanding quality of care and welfare in the school.