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Improvisational Drama

Improvisational Drama

Improvisational Drama is a very popular club that takes place during Wednesday and Saturday Hobbies sessions.

Pupils perform short sketches to each other after some warm up games. The sketches have a theme and preparation time of 30 seconds to 15 minutes is allowed.
Recent plays this term have included a re-working of Cinderella, where Prince Derek traced Cinders as she had dropped her iPad, a demented book shop owner and his customers, a marriage between a human and an alien, a submarine crew crossing the Atlantic and four people trapped in a cellar after an earthquake. In short, anything goes where the only barrier is the children's creativity.
Whilst most improvisational drama is comical, reflecting popular TV series such as "Whose line is it anyway?", attempts have been made at more serious themes. Horror, Shakespearean tragedy and Holby City are three recent examples and a different side of drama.

The club is always open to ideas; even kabouki was tried a few terms ago.