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Cottesmore's Pre-prep send a morale boost for residents at Morden College

Cottesmore School’s Pre-prep send a morale boost for residents at Morden College

Cottesmore School’s Pre-prep children have been exceptionally busy creating Easter cards and paintings for the residents at Morden College.

During these uncertain times, residents at Morden College are in self-isolation and are currently unable to welcome any visitors. Cottesmore’s Principal of Pre-prep, Lottie Rogerson, said “these are extremely difficult times for all of us, but much more so for our older generation who rely on regular communication with the outside world” Mrs Rogerson added, “we wanted to share pictures and handwritten messages from our Pre-prep children with the residents at Morden College to help give them a boost”. 

With over 300 years of experience, Morden College is a long-established charity that provide unprecedented residential care in South-East London. Residents enjoy state-of-the-art accommodation and award-winning gardens, with its services extending to health facilities such as physiotherapy, dementia and general practitioner surgeries.

Chief Executive of Morden College and Old Cottesmorian, Major General David John Rutherford-Jones said, “we all have a responsibility to keep spirits high at this notably challenging time. This kind and thoughtful gesture, by the pupils of my old school, will be truly appreciated by our Residents who never imagined that at this late stage of their lives would find themselves isolated from their families, friends and society at large – thank you so much.” 

About Morden College

Morden College is a Charity dedicated to supporting the elderly.  Founded in 1695 by the pioneering merchant, Sir John Morden, the Charity has been at the forefront of enriching older people’s lives for more than 300 years.