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Summer Spells Quidditch at Cottesmore

Summer Spells Quidditch at Cottesmore

Summer spells Quidditch at Cottesmore: The Sussex Primary Schools Quidditch Festival at Cottesmore Prep School


Children from Mid Sussex and the Horsham area congregated at Cottesmore School on Monday 9th May for the ‘Cottesmore Quidditch Festival for Sussex Primary Schools’. 


The children arrived at Cottesmore at 10 o’clock for a training lesson given by four professional Quidditch coaches from activity company Enrich Education


These sessions were interspersed with owl-training displays. Kevin Lochner, owl expert from falconry company ‘Hawking About’ helped give each girl and boy the opportunity to experience an owl landing on their arm, using a special leather glove.


After lunch the tournament took place. ‘Slytherin’ were the cup winners and all participants received a ‘Cottesmore Quidditch Tournament 2022’ medal. “I will treasure this medal forever; I loved everything about today,” said pupil Oscar from Mid Sussex after the awards ceremony. 


Tom Rogerson the Headteacher said, “The purpose of the Quidditch Festival today was to draw local communities together to have some educational fun after a tough two years. We were happy that so many children could come to Cottesmore’s event today; it was a fly-away success.”


The schools hopes to hold similar events in the future.