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Newsletter - Winter Term, 08.09.17

Trunks and tuck boxes, teddies and timetables are all in evidence as the new school year begins.  As well as ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 04.07.17

‘Upbeat’ and ‘exhilarating’ describe the atmosphere at school as we close another hard-working term and school year. The end-of-term activities ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 27/06/17

After discovering new ways of working in school during Arts Week, this week finds Cottesmorians learning in a number of ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 21.06.17

There’s wonderful news to begin the second half of term: every senior pupil passed their Common Entrance Examinations. Congratulations to ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 16.06.17

The first half of the summer term has seen Cottesmorians apply themselves with vigour to every aspect of their lives ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 06.06.17

The Marching Band is tuning up and a wonderful musical interlude is in its final stages of preparation, which can ...   Read more
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