Cottesmore School


The Curriculum

The Curriculum

At Cottesmore academic skills are developed through carefully planned schemes of work which follow and extend the National Curriculum, ensuring that children are not over burdened with constant testing. We seek to prepare children for the challenges of the Prep School and to this end we have very strong links with the Prep School. The children have regular contact with the Directors of Sport and Music and benefit from the use of the ICT suite, indoor swimming pool, sports hall, pitches and dining room.

All children enjoy learning with our ‘topic based’ approach which discreetly encompasses many areas of the curriculum. English and mathematics are however timetabled daily to ensure a continuity of progress.

In Reception and Year 1, we aim to enable every child to read daily to the class teacher or teaching assistant, and, will send the reading book home to share with an adult every day. In this way we hope to engender not only proficient readers but a love of reading. From Year 2, when the mechanics of reading are in place, the children read at least three times a week, and more if needed.

All studies show that smaller class sizes and more specialist teachers result in higher educational standards and levels of achievement, and to this end all children from Reception receive specialist teaching in Music, French, P.E. and Swimming.

All of Year Three pupils choose to play the ukulele within the curriculum but many pupils from Reception to Year Three chose to learn to play a musical instrument with our dedicated music tutor. Due to the thriving Prep School Music Department, children have a wide choice of instruments available to them including drums, strings, guitar and piano.

Drama and having the confidence to speak in front of an audience is a skill for life and to this end children are encouraged to participate in assemblies, concerts and of course the Christmas production. Parents, grandparents and friends are all invited to many of these occasions.