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Rewards and Sanctions

Rewards and Sanctions



A ‘Star’ is awarded for any ‘good’ aspect in school life. This could be for quality prep or classwork, for good effort in games, music, art etc., or for helpfulness and contribution around the school. The Star is recorded by the member of staff on the ‘Star Card’ carried by each pupil. The stars gained by each pupil each week are added up in the Form Lesson and placed on the School Database. A star is worth one point towards the termly Set competition and cups are awarded for the junior and senior pupils with the highest number of stars.

A particularly outstanding performance is rewarded by the giving of a ‘Show-up’. The forms are electronic on the Database. They are signed by the member of staff then taken by the pupil for signing by the Headmaster, so giving pupils further acknowledgement. The forms are retained by the Set Teacher as a record of the achievement.
A show-up has a value of five stars.


Within the discipline policy of the school there are a number of sanctions. The simplest is the awarding of a ‘Demerit’, filled in by the member of staff on the pupil’s Star Card. Pupils can be sent to work in the table tennis room if they are not working in prep. They can be sent to ‘face the paint’ (stand outside the Staff Room for a short time) if they break school rules during the day. They can be sent to work outside the Headmaster’s Study if they are repeatedly in trouble. They can do ‘soup’ on the weekend if they need to redo work or carry out a written punishment. Also, a ‘Stripe’ can be issued if a member of Staff feels it is necessary. An example is shown opposite. The forms are electronic on the Database. They are signed by the member of Staff and the Deputy Head who then sees the pupil concerned. A record is kept so that the Set Teacher can follow up the matter. If a pupil has three stripes within an assessment period, the Headmaster will deal with the matter. Three ‘demerits’ in a week count as a Stripe.




Each class has a 'Star of the Week' award (a certificate) which is presented on a Friday to the child who has shown exception in behaviour, work or overall effort. Star certificates are awarded for a variety of reasons including: good work, politeness, tidying and kindness. Certificates are awarded for every 25 stickers earned.

Children are given stickers and 'stamps' in their work, alongside teacher's comments, to show good progress, effort and achievement.


Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Move down the chart; rainbow (exceptional), sunshine (expected), cloud (3 min time out), rain cloud (5 min time out)
Golden time minute lost

“Time out” is used following a warning during child initiated activities. The parent is advised of incidents affecting behaviour to keep an open dialogue.

Year 3

As above. The parent may be called in to discuss it further and the Senior Management Team (SMT) may be involved to support behaviour changes.

General discipline guidelines

Personal and circumstantial factors will always complicate the issue of sanctions, but on the whole, staff should try to be consistent in their admonishment and punishment. Not all misdemeanours have to be punished. There are many times when simply taking some time to talk, question and discuss things with a child will be the most effective response. Punishment should be avoided when you are angry or upset with a child. Any punishment MUST follow swiftly and be fair. Ideally no punishment should be held over for a new week unless discussed and agreed with parent/SMT member.

Any use of physical restraint is by reasonable and non-injurious means, only when immediately necessary and for the minimum time necessary to prevent injury to themselves or others or very serious damage to property. All incidents using restraint procedures should be reported to the Head in writing and parents notified.

Rewards and Sanctions involve the following:

  • Positive rather than negative. 
  • Investigate the incident. 
  • Divorce the behaviour from the child if punishing. 
  • Always be prepared to listen. 
  • When punishment over the pupil starts with a clean sheet.

Reviewed by TFR, February 2019

To be reviewed, September 2019