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Form Tutor Policy

Form Tutor Policy

Notes on the Form Tutor system

  • The Cottesmore Form Tutor’s job is to help each pupil in their own Form organise themselves so they can function as well as possible within the school community.
  • A Form Tutor is a Member of Staff, assigned to each student at Cottesmore School
  • Form Tutors have a wide range of suggested resources available to help improve pupils’ organisation, such as the Satis Card and theGrids for Learning.
  • The Form Tutor is quite likely, at this stage in it development, to be the Academic Tutor, but as the systems develop, this could change.

The role of the Form Tutor, who will be a Member of Staff, is:

  • to give tips on organisation to their Form;
  • to display timetables and other essential information in a user-friendly way;
  • to help their Form understand the timetables and the other mandatory Form displays such as the School Rules and the Happiness Charter;
  • to liaise with the Deputy Head when it comes to programmes like the Satis Card;
  • to advise and execute special programmes such as, if a pupils is off games for an extended period of time, to co-ordinate an alternative programme of activity;
  • to organise a pupils if there is a need for them to move Forms;
  • any other activity which requires the attention of the Form Tutor

The role of the Form Tutee is:

  1. to take responsibility for their own organisation and achievement by keeping their own belongings organised and tidy; 
  2. to inform their Pastoral Tutor promptly of any practical factors that might be impacting significantly on their ability to function happily and to work hard – for example a clash of activities or the loss of an item;
  3. to be an organised, hard-working member of the School community.

Answers to questions – notes for Pupils

Who is my Form Tutor?

You will be told at the beginning of the year. 

When should I see my Form Tutor?

  • Monday - between Chapel and Period 1
  • Monday - Evening Prep
  • Tuesday - between Chapel and Period 1
  • Tuesday - Evening Prep
  • Thursday - Evening Prep
  • Friday - Evening Prep
  • Saturday - Morning Break 
  • You can always ask directly to have a meeting at other times.

Who is responsible for the smooth running of the Form Tutor system?

  • The Head is responsible for the effective operation of the Form Tutor system.
  • The Head will provide support and guidance to pupils, or organise a temporary replacement tutor if the Form Tutor is unavailable.
  • The Head will field pupils’ questions about Form Tutoring;
  • The Head will provide support and guidance to members of academic staff who are Form Tutors
  • The Head will consult with Form Tutors about possible changes to the operation of the Pastoral Tutor system.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Head on 1st September

This policy was last reviewed by the Head on 01.09.21