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Newsletter - Summer Term, 21.06.17

Newsletter - Summer Term, 21.06.17

There’s wonderful news to begin the second half of term: every senior pupil passed their Common Entrance Examinations. Congratulations to them all for their brilliant results and the example which have they set the younger pupils. 


Academic News

Arts Week is firmly under way and Cottesmorians are exploring new ways of learning with a skipping workshop, a chicken-wired workshop and a whole host of cross-curricular activities. 


Sports Round-Up

Here’s a round-up of the final matches before half term: 

U12 v Pennthorpe: won by 76 runs

“An excellent win”, said a delighted Mr Butler. “This fixture was a look into the future and bodes well for next year’s 1st XI!” Man of the Match was Will P, 51*

2nd team v Duke of Kent School: lost 12.5-11

This was a close match with brilliant fielding from Cottesmore, and especially from Tierney and Sophie who were jointly awarded Girls of the Game.

U11 Triangular v Copthorne and Duke of Kent Schools

The girls were ready for victory after a recent defeat and batted first. Sophia scored 4 and a half rounders, with Aurelia scoring 3. Gesi, the new addition to the team from the U10s also showed that she had great batting potential. The girls went to field knowing that they had given Copthorne a solid score to beat of 14. The girls managed to keep their fielding even tighter, only allowing the opposition to score 9.5. 

Against Duke of Kent the girls won the toss and went to field. Lola stumped out 3 girls at 2nd and only allowing them to score 7.5 from 30 good balls which was brilliant; there was also a great catch from Kitty. Going into bat for a second time, there was fantastic hitting from Maddie and Lola, scoring 14 and securing the win. “Great effort the whole team!” said a very pleased Miss Eddie.

U10 v Copthorne: lost 11.5-14

“This was a game of 2 halves”, reported Mrs Revill.  “We had an unlucky start with 3 of our girls out on their first ball whilst batting in the first innings, however spirits remained high despite the initial disappointment.  Some excellent judgements both in batting and fielding meant that the match was a close one indeed, with fantastic play and great teamwork.  With only 3 and half rounders scored in the first innings Cottesmore had to work together and continue playing in a positive manner.  They should be very proud of their final score as they managed to keep Copthorne’s scoring low and managed to score 8 rounders themselves during the second innings”. Girls of the Game were Rose (fielding) and Darina (batting). 


Athletics Tournament

We had some great results from our athletes at this annual fixture held at Hurstpierpoint College. Well done to all entrants and especially to Gesi, with a time of 14.72 seconds in the        70 metre hurdles; she had the 4th fastest qualifying time, but unfortunately had to withdraw later due to injury. 

Will ran the 200 metres in 38.21 seconds; Sophia set a new record (and won 1st place) for a rounders ball throw of 42.33 metres. Barnaby scooped silver and gold medals for the 800 metres, completing it in 2 minutes, 47.16 seconds and the 200 metres in 31.75 seconds respectively.                     

Pre-prep news

Following a super Sports Day and a refreshing half term break, the youngest members of the Cottesmore community are re-charged and raring to go!  There’s a lot ahead in the remaining weeks of the term. There was much excitement to start the week with a skipping workshop and the little ones in Reception are off to Washbrooks Farm on Friday. In between there’s Wednesday’s swimming gala, a Scholastic Book Fair and rehearsals are well under way for the concert next week. 

Let’s see what each class is working on this week:



This week the children will be consolidating their phonic knowledge and working on their letter formation, as well as learning the sounds ‘oi’ and ‘ear’.  They will be labelling animals and writing some animal facts and also practising their mouse skills by filling colour in a farm scene using the paint program. In Maths, the children will be practising counting in 1s, 5s and 10s to 100 and learning about measurement of height, length and weight. The Reception class will be sharing some farm stories ahead of their trip on Friday, and will be looking how to keep safe when on a farm. For their artwork, they will be collaging and painting some farm animals. 


Year 1

This week in Creative writing Year 1 will be writing about their half term holiday. They will also be writing stories about Vincent Van Gogh and his famous sunflower paintings. The children will continue to weigh using non-standard and standard weights and will be revising the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  In Art, summer pictures and collage work will be their focus. 


Year 2

This week the class will write a story about their lost fantasy pet and who they meet when they are looking for it. Firstly, using their story plan, they will tell the story out loud to themselves. They will then use the structure of Maisie’s Dragon to write their own story with different characters and settings as on their plan. The emphasis will be on careful handwriting, adjectives, varied sentence openers and the use of speech. 


In Maths Year 2 will double multiples of 10 and 5 (answers less than 100); double 2-digit numbers ending in 1, 2, 3 or 4 (answers less than 100); find a quarter of numbers up to 40 by halving twice and begin to find 3/4 of numbers. They will be looking at the story of Zacchaeus in RS and their assembly theme this week will be about staying safe in the sun.  Our grounds will be a fabulous setting for their artwork as the children will be taking their sketch books out into the grounds to look at how they can sketch trees / plants / insects in detail.


Year 3

During Maths sessions the children will continue to practise using all four mathematical functions to solve word problems. During their English lessons they will read a number of pirate adventures and will then chose to write about one in a newspaper report. Year 3’s topic this week will be volcanoes and earthquakes. In Science they will look at how the different types of rock were formed and will group rocks according to their type. During their RS lesson they will begin work on Judaism and will learn about the origins of the faith. In Art, the children will use the skills of perspective and detail learnt in our LS Lowry unit to sketch scenes around Cottesmore. 


Other News

South of England Agricultural Show

There’s a long Cottesmore tradition of our senior pupils visiting the South of England Show just before the half term break.  This wonderful showcase of British agriculture and the countryside was attended by HRH the Duchess of Cornwall this year, marking its 50th anniversary.  There was a packed itinerary for our attendees, including showjumping events, breed competitions and horticultural displays. 


This year Cottesmore entered the South of England Agricultural Society’s Schools Competition and we’re delighted that our Key Stage 1 entrants won ‘commended’ in the Scrapbook section. Judged by the Archdeacon of Horsham, the Venerable Fiona Windsor, the judges had a tough time with a very high standard of entries in all categories. Well done our scrapbookers!


Remove activities

With their exams behind them, our senior pupils will be undertaking a variety of lessons and activities, before departing on their week-long outward bound adventure.  On this week’s programme are scuba diving, paintballing – and some stay-ups too!