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Cottesmore School's 'Thank You To Parents Day'

Cottesmore School's 'Thank You To Parents Day'

Today, Cottesmore School is celebrating parental contributions to the education of their girls and boys with 'Thank You To Parents' day. In recognition of our incredible school community during lockdown and as a huge thank you to parents, guardians, grandparents and carers, our Headmaster, Tom Rogerson, has written the following poem titled ‘The Task of a parent in lockdown’:


‘The task of a parent in lockdown’

The task of a parent is patently tough;

you are masters at taking the smooth with the rough.

You were suddenly asked to look willing and able,

and balance your work with spellings, times tables.


You thought that gerundives were left in the past;

Pythagoras wasn’t a thing that would last!

What a surprise to find out one day,

that longshore drift was a thought here to stay.


Latin vocab; amo, ‘mas, amat,

1066 and Napoleon’s hat.

These were all things that were locked well away,

in a memory bank labelled - “Useful? I’ll say!”


You’ve been dragging reluctant horses to water,

igniting the fires in your sons and your daughters.

It’s been quite a shock to get memories jolting,

between feeding young mouths and the peasants revolting.


“Sit down and be silent for one little second!”

Is lunchtime too early for the yard arm to beckon?

Despite the fond memories of the wing at the Lindo,

you still want to throw them right of the window.


But now you can see the tunnel’s bright light,

it lends you the strength to fight the good fight.

‘It’s all worth the effort’ but with grey hairs appearing,

we’re all the more grateful that the end-of-term’s nearing.


So thanks to the parents, the guardians and carers,

for improving the lives of these dear little terrors.

The time that you’ve spent is time well-invested.

Now it’s time that you put your feet up and rested.