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COTT26 Climate Change Summit at Cottesmore School

COTT26 Climate Change Summit at Cottesmore School

Cottesmore is holding its own climate change summit in November: 'COTT26'. There will be round table discussions on how Cottesmore can play its part in the effort to save the planet from global warming. We will also be creating a Sustainability Council and have an inaugural meeting; representatives from this new council will be chosen from each Form.

We have also been in talks with a wonderful individual who will advise Cottesmore on all matters to do with nature and sustainability - watch this space, all will be revealed soon!

As you probably know, this year Cottesmore has added Sustainability as a lesson on the timetable: this will be the perfect time to continue discussions and points raised at 'COTT26' throughout the year, so that the work is remembered.