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Exclusions Policy

Exclusions Policy

Exclusion, Removal and Review Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 Scope:

This policy contains guidelines, which will be adapted as necessary, explaining the circumstances under which a pupil may be excluded from Cottesmore School ('the school'), or required to leave permanently for misconduct or other reasons. The policy applies to all pupils at the school but does not cover cases when a pupil has to leave because of ill-health, non-payment of fees, or withdrawal by his/her parents. This policy can be made available in large print or other accessible format if required.

1.2 Interpretation:

The definitions in this clause apply in this policy.

Headmaster: references to the Headmaster may include the Deputy Head.

Parent: includes one or both of the parents, a legal guardian or education guardian.

Exclusion: means a dismissal from the School following serious misconduct formally recorded.

Removal: means that a pupil has been required to leave, but without the stigma of exclusion.

2. Policy statement

2.1 Aims:

The aims of this policy are:
• to support the School's behaviour and discipline code
• to ensure procedural fairness and natural justice
• to promote co-operation between the School and parents when it is necessary for the School that a pupil should leave earlier than expected.

2.2 Misconduct:

The main categories of misconduct which may result in exclusion or removal include but are not limited to:

• persistent attitudes or behaviour which are inconsistent with the School's ethos

• serious misconduct which affects the welfare of a member or members of the School community or which brings the School into disrepute (single or repeated episodes) on or off School premises.

2.3 Behaviour related to a disability:

The School will make reasonable adjustments for managing behaviour, which is related to a pupil's disability. Where exclusion needs to be considered, the School will ensure that a disabled pupil is able to present their case fully where their disability might hinder this.

2.4 Other circumstances:

A pupil may be required to leave if, after all appropriate consultation, the Headmaster is satisfied that it is not in the best interests of the pupil, or of the School, that he/she remains at the School.

3. Procedure

3.1 The procedure:

The procedure followed by the School in cases where a sanction of exclusion or required removal may be imposed by the Headmaster are summarised in the school's exclusion policy. 
The three stages of this procedure are as follows:

3.1.2 Investigation procedure

3.1.3 Disciplinary meeting with the Headmaster

3.1.4 Chairman’s' Review Hearing

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