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Cottesmore provides a strong culture of bespoke education

Children for whom English is not their first language are assessed on arrival and appropriate help is given if needed.  Parents may also request extra help for their child.

Our experienced EAL teachers assess each child’s strengths and weaknesses, devising an individual programme of study to improve their grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Children also study a range of short stories to make sure that they understand concepts and issues, but above all to continue to improve their vocabulary.

A separate course is run for the 4-9 year age group.

EAL Teachers


English as an Additional Language Policy

Cottesmore School is an independent, co-educational boarding and day school and has a whole-school policy which includes both academic and pastoral objectives. The aim of the School is to enable boys and girls to develop their love of learning, academic potential and individual talents in a caring community which fosters sensitivity, confidence, a sense of service and enthusiasm for life. It is an academically selective school.

In order to cope with the academic and social demands of the School, pupils must be fluent English speakers.  We may recommend that some children, whose first language at home is not English, receive tuition in English as an Additional Language.

Policy Objective: 
To set out the rationale and methodology for EAL support at Cottesmore School

Policy Aims:
1. To identify those pupils who have EAL requirements;
2. To ensure appropriate support is provided for those students who have EAL requirements enabling access to a broad and balanced education in which he/she can participate fully with peers.
3. To promote the individual’s self esteem in order to promote academic potential and independent learning.
4. To acknowledge fully the importance of the parents’ role in supporting their children’s education.
5. To monitor those students who have EAL requirements through careful target setting and evaluation;
6. To ensure that less favourable treatment does not occur and that the School offers equality of opportunity for all of its applicants and pupils.


Admissions and EAL

Cottesmore School is an academically selective school and welcomes all children who can make the most of the opportunities that are offered and can flourish in the caring environment of the school. Treating every child as an individual is important to us, and we welcome pupils who have EAL requirements, provided that they can access our broad and balanced curriculum with limited support and that the EAL Department can provide them with the further specialist teaching that they require. We do not, however, have the facilities to offer highly specialised and intensive tuition.

We advise parents of children who have EAL requirements to discuss their child’s needs with the school before he or she sits our entrance exam so that we can make adequate provision for him/her. Parents should provide a copy of appropriate documentation from their prior school(s) to support any request for extra time and / or use of a dictionary.  We will discuss thoroughly with parents the adjustments to the curriculum that can reasonably be made for their child once they have accepted the offer of a place and before he/she becomes a pupil at the school.


On Entry

Each pupil who has English as an Additional Language will be assessed to determine the level of support required.  If appropriate, adjustments will be made to the pupil’s curriculum including group EAL lessons.

Our EAL Department is staffed by fully qualified specialists who are able to provide 1:1 teaching for students with English as an Additional Language. 


In the Preparatory School:

Up to the end of Year 6 these lessons will focus on enabling access to the full curriculum; In year 7 and 8, lessons will focus on preparation for Common Entrance.

Monitoring and Review

1. Cottesmore School has established a professionally staffed EAL Department. Its aim, throughout the whole school, is to support those students for whom English is an Additional Language, working in consultation with parents or guardians, tutors and teachers. It offers specialist small group lessons and help with study skills. It is also responsible for determining and organising appropriate access arrangements for both internal and external examinations, such as extra time and / or the use of a dictionary.

2. While the School provides support and specialist teaching to pupils who have English as an Additional Language, Cottesmore School is not staffed to support children who are not relatively good English speakers. However, all teachers are expected to support the learning of EAL students in their own subject areas. The School reserves the right not to admit pupils whose needs it cannot meet after reasonable adjustments have been considered. The Headmaster’s decision will be final in all cases.

3. The Department believes that close liaison between pupil, parents or guardians, pastoral and teaching staff is essential in order that the School:

a. provides a stimulating, reassuring and stable environment where the pupil can gain full and equal access to the curriculum and all aspects of school life.
b. caters for the specific needs of each individual pupil.

4. The provision of extra specialist tuition may be provided at an extra cost to parents.

Monitoring: Directors of Studies, Head of EAL, Head of Learning Support, HoDs

Reviewed by TFR, September 2020

To be reviewed, June 2021