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Strategic Leadership Bot | Cottesmore School

ABI is Cottesmore School’s Strategic Leadership Bot, which is also available for all to use. 

It is intended for ABI to be posed questions on matters of high level strategic leadership, in order for leaders worldwide to be able to clarify and order their thoughts at any time of the day.



Cottesmore’s stance on AI

While we are happy to wait for implementation in the classroom, Cottesmore is passionate about the conversation surrounding AI in education. We believe that the most important strategy presently is to furnish oneself with as much information as possible, so that we can all make intelligent and considered decisions with knowledge.

This is why Cottesmore has been offering free AI conferences for all to attend, so that the conversation can be started and continued. If we end up accepting or rejecting these concepts in our schools, we will be doing so in knowledge. Please find out more about Cottesmore’s Free AI Conferences here:

Wellbeing is as the heart of our interest. Teachers around the world are held back from spending more valuable time with their students because of the debilitating weight of bureaucratic administration within their daily workflow. 

We are very keen for technology developers to look into concerns surrounding teachers’ administrational workload globally. We would like to give teachers more face-to-face time with students to be able to do what they do best: teach. Much of their time at school and at home is presently spent on administration which could be streamlined.