Cottesmore Cricket Sixes 2010
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Cottesmore Cricket Sixes 2010

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Dear all,

Below is a quick summary. Do call on 01293 520648 if you have any queries.


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10.15 First ball bowled

12.30 Lunch

3.30 Match Tea

5.00 Short speeches and a beer

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How it works:

Eight friends have put teams together of six players. The rules will be clarified on the day.

Match Tea will be provided at around 3.30pm, so bring a light picnic lunch. There is likely to be some ale flowing too.

For spectators/ guests/ non-players we have three grass tennis courts and three hard tennis courts. We are thinking of getting a 'Lifeguard' for the swimming pool, so that you can use it throughout the day, so do express interest if you think you might want to use it. (There is always the option to watch cricket too, but I wouldn't recommend it...)

It all ends with a prize giving and a beer at the end of the afternoon.

All friends, family, non-crickets players, tennis-only players, loungers, urban-escapists are welcome.

All the best,