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Newsletter - Winter Term 20.09.16
 What a sensationally successful start to the term! The first full week has been full of adventures and challenges, to ...   
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Newsletter - Winter Term 13.09.16
 Bouncy castles and brilliant sunshine: the first weekend ‘in’ of ...   
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Newsletter - Winter Term 07.09.16
 A new school year – and a new arrival! The new ...   
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Newsletter - Summer Term 04.07.16
The trunks are reappearing from storage, ready for their owners ...   
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Newsletter - Summer Term 28.06.16
C’est formidable! Cottesmorians are learning at home and abroad, with ...   
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Newsletter - Summer Term 21.06.16
There’s fantastic academic news as we return from the half-term ...   
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Good morning and welcome to Cottesmore's website. Cottesmore is one of the leading boarding prep schools in the UK.

Cottesmore is a country boarding prep school for boys and girls in West Sussex, less than an hour from London.

We provide a train service to London Victoria Station, which is popular with London 'S.W.' families.

Cottesmore has been preparing children for major public schools since 1894 and continues to provide excellent preparation for senior boarding schools who share Cottesmore's belief in nurturing a rounded, dynamic individual.

Cottesmore excels at 'modern' boarding. Its huge range of sports (33 at last count), hobbies and activities supplement a diverse academic curriculum. The drama, music and arts programmes are equally purposeful and vibrant.

"Quisque pro ingenio" is Cottesmore's unofficial motto: "Everyone has a talent". Cottesmore will find and nurture each child's talent and help the individual grow strong in the light of his or her own success. Cottesmore is a school where children are taught to have faith in their own ability in a caring, confidence-inspiring environment.

Cottesmore pupils are typically bright-eyed, confident without being arrogant, and academically driven. 'They are happy, confident children,' says the head of a famous senior school.

You will receive a warm welcome when you walk through the front door and hopefully you will see for yourself the purposefulness and energy for which Cottesmore pupils are renowned. 

We can't wait to give you a tour of the school.

Tom Rogerson



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OPEN DAY - 01.10.16

Our next Open Day will be on Saturday 1st October from 10am to 12pm. We hope that you can come and join us and see all that Cottesmore has to offer. Please RSVP to office@cottesmoreschool.com