Newsletter - Winter Term, 17.10.17
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Newsletter - Winter Term, 17.10.17

The headlong dash towards half term hasn’t prevented moments of reflection: at our Harvest Festival service, on a day of artistic endeavour for our seniors at a superb Surrey gallery and for our Dorm Monitors, who strive to do their best for everyone in their dorms.  It’s been another rich and varied week at Cottesmore!

Sports Round Up
2nd XI v Windlesham; lost 2-0
Mr Butler reports:  “Although we lost, this was our best performance of the season against strong opponents. George was outstanding in goal and our defending was heroic at times. With a bit of luck we could easily have drawn this game”. 
Colts A and B v Windlesham: won 4-3; won 5-2
With 2 matches to go to the end of the season, there was a Colts A 4-3 goal thriller with Barney scoring twice (including the winning goal) with a cheeky back heel.  The team has played 8 games:  won 2, drawn 3, lost 3. “Fantastic so far!” commented Mr Beegan.
Colts B team player Enrique scored the first hat-trick of the season.  The team has also played 8 games: won 4, lost 4. 
U9 v St Christopher’s Hove: won 4-1
The girls were very excited for this first match of the season; many had only picked up a hockey stick for the first time that week!
There was plenty of fighting spirit, good passing and a goal was scored in the first 5 minutes with a straight pass from Lili to Biba. This gave them more confidence, spreading out further onto the wings with Daisy and Fleur holding position a little more, resulting in another goal hitting the back board. 
In the second half our girls were ahead 3-0, spurring them on and getting to grips with their spacing as well as using the side boards. Another great pass from the wings reached Issy’s stick, resulting in yet another great goal.  Mathilde was awarded Girl of the Game for her solid performance in goal; she had great determination and worked well with Nell, Jemima, Ava and Tabitha as the backs.  Lili and Biba scored two goals each.  “Fantastic, girls! I’m so proud!” said a very happy Mrs Perry afterwards. 
Harvest Festival
Father Robert Easton, chaplain of Brighton College led our Harvest Festival service, where we give thanks for the harvest’s bounty and and all that we are fortunate enough to share.  The very generous donations of tinned and dried foods will be given to Age UK in Horsham this week. 
Pre-prep news
The children really enjoyed their preparation for and performance of their own Harvest Festival assembly.  Mrs Baker and the team would like to thank everyone for their food donations to Age UK; these will be added to the Prep school boxes and delivered this week. 
Here’s the latest class news: 
The children have been continuing their topic of ‘Ourselves’, thinking about sight and finding out how tricky it is not to be able to see.  They have also been playing ‘I spy’ and discussing how hard this would be if vision was impaired, by looking through tissue paper and in darkness. This has been followed by some scientific experiments testing out the power of the senses of smell and taste without using sight. The autumn theme continues with hedgehog collages made from dried leaves.  In Maths the little ones have been occupied by recording simple addition and subtraction, and practically learning how to combine and compare two sets, looking at the different combinations that total 5 and 6. They have also compared height and length, extended their vocabulary and compared the capacity of different containers. 
Letter formation practise and handwriting improvement have been under way, aided by dough disco! In ICT lessons the children have learned a little about the internet and how to be safe when using the computer; continuing to use the space bar and practising logging on independently. 
Year 1
In Creative Writing the children have been looking at stories set in woods and forests, as well as re-telling the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'.  This has been followed by the topics of bonfire night and fireworks, making collage pictures to go with their stories. In Maths Year 1 has continued working with number bonds to 10 and 20. The children will be learning about 'teen' numbers and using tens and ones.  Year 1’s ‘Harvest’ theme continues in their Art sessions. 
Year 2
Year 2 has been writing diary entries as Christopher Columbus and they have also described Goodies and Baddies from The Jolly Postman. There has been lots of fun in designing a ‘wanted’ poster for Goldilocks! In Maths they have been finding a price between two prices, finding the missing number in tricky addition sentences and using addition facts to help them with subtraction sentences. They have also completed symmetrical shapes. In Science, the class has learned about habitats, and how animals have adapted to suit their environment, as well as discovering what makes a balanced and healthy diet.  In History, they have been engrossed in their learning about Neil Armstrong's moon landing. In Religious Studies Year 2 has learned about the Harvest Festival and completed their apple artwork. They went on to find out about the Torah, the sacred Jewish book.  Autumn themes continued in Art, where Year 2 has been busy creating 3D pumpkins. 
Year 3
Mental subtraction has been Year 3’s recent focus and they have learned how to subtract numbers mentally through a range of different activities. They looked at the vocabulary of subtraction and used this knowledge to solve word problems. The children used inverse operation to check their calculations, and find missing numbers in subtraction number sentences. The children applied this knowledge to real-life money problems involving reducing prices and giving change. In their English sessions  Year 3 has been using the text 'I'll take you to Mrs Cole' to extend sentences using conjunctions, practise using powerful verbs to add impact to sentences and add clauses to existing sentences to add interest. In Science sessions the children found out about how the skeleton supports and protects the body and also investigated how invertebrates are supported. In Geography the human features and physical features of the cities of New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata were explored. In RS lessons the children continued to investigate Hindi festivals.  They have written diary entries on the festival of Diwali, made Diwali lamps and enjoyed creating rangoli patterns using coloured salt. 
Dorm Doings
On Thursday evening, Mr Revill squeezed all the Dorm Monitors into his living room and plied them with hot chocolate and biscuits in order to continue their training, as well as to hold a Boarding Committee Meeting. 
Mr Revill outlined the main responsibilities of a Dorm Monitor and answered any questions that they had. They received feedback on the suggestions they made at the previous Boarding Committee Meeting before making many more suggestions that Mr Revill will consider. 
This Tuesday, the top dorm on each landing will be rewarded with a stay-up. On Thursday Mr and Mrs Revill will be inviting Will P, Bertie, Jaime and Dimash for a Buchan sleepover to thank them for their sterling efforts as Dorm Monitors.

Sunday Fundays
Last Sunday 38 pupils went to Chessington World of Adventures for the day. Lots of fun was had in the Wild Woods on the Vampire ride, in Wild Asia in the Temple of Mayhem and in Pirate’s Cove on the Black Buccaneer. The children also followed the Trail of the Kings visiting Lion, Tiger and Gorilla enclosures. A great day out!

Other News
5th & 6th forms visit the Watts Gallery
The 5th and 6th forms travelled to the Watts Gallery at Compton for a visit that would see printmaking and mudrock statues at the front of their active experiences, aligned with a view of the world-class sculptures and paintings from the man who is now known as England’s Michaelangelo.
All of the children rotated through four defined experiences: they were given a private bespoke visit to the galleries as the general public are not admitted on Mondays.  Secondly they were taken to the famous chapel built in the late 1800s by Mary Watts to review the restoration of the Arts and Crafts style interior. Thirdly they undertook a workshop in the fabrication of horse statues using tinfoil and mudrock, followed by a further workshop of printmaking in the dedicated studio underneath the original studio used by GF Watts. 
Our pupils garnered strong praise for their intelligent questioning and analytical observation as well as the intensity of their work. One group were actually noted as the “most intense ever” as they sketched in pin drop silence in the sculpture gallery. The children rated the day very favourably, especially the mudrock activity. Previous Cottesmore visits have focused on ceramics and drawing in the main gallery, but the programme was changed this time to alternate —and hence to re-evaluate — the artistic experience. 
Mr Beegan was very content with the output achieved in this very intense day out and was pleased that the pupils rallied after a delayed start due to a burst water main on the access road into the gallery. Mr Kerr commented that he was delighted with the reports of Cottesmorians’ behaviour. The pupils are made aware that they are ambassadors for Cottesmore on every trip out of school and it was encouraging to note the many superlatives that the Watts gallery staff used to describe them.
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