Newsletter - Lent Term, 30.01.18
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Newsletter - Lent Term, 30.01.18

The Beat Poets, the Lion King, the Natural History Museum and not forgetting the Christmas quiz: it’s been another week of contrasts at Cottesmore!

Academic News
6th Form Lecture Series
The lecture programme for the scholars resumed last Tuesday with “The Beat Generation: poetry and literature from 1944-1960”, delivered by Mr Hopkins. The pupils were taken back to the social and economic reality of post-war USA via selected extracts from YouTube and asked to reflect on the literary revolt against conformity. A lively discussion ensued on ‘Beat’ themes of inclusion, tolerance and equality and their relevance for today’s world. 
Christmas Quiz Winners
The Christmas quiz is as much a part of the Cottesmore seasonal traditions as the Feast and the carol concert. Each year every Cottesmorian goes home with 100 general knowledge questions whose answers must be researched, recorded — and then committed to memory.  On the return to school in January there’s a test, with a stay up awarded for the top 10 points places. This year quite a number of Cottesmorians earned their stay up! Well done to everyone for taking part, with special congratulations to:
Harry, Will P and Nell 100 points
Freddie, Phoebe R and Kitty 99 points
Poppy, Humphrey and Rufus L O 98 points
Millie, Bertie V, Fursey and Mathilde 97 points
Aurelia         96 points
Emily, Jules and Mathieu 94 points
Nicholas and Ollie C 90 points
Natural History Museum Visit
Four children went to the Natural History Museum in London on work experience with Mr Rogerson recently and went behind the scenes to look at all of the exhibits, as well as the extraordinary range of collections.  Kip, Rufus, Humphrey & Rafferty were the lucky four who enjoyed a fascinating and engrossing day. 
6th Form trip to see The Lion King
The spectacular musical The Lion King, playing in London’s West End was the destination for their 6th form pupils recently. Based on the 1994 Disney film of the same name, an enraptured audience followed the adventures — and perils — of lion cub Simba, as he follows his destiny to become the Lion King. The musical celebrates its 20th anniversary in London next year and is one of London’s longest-running theatre productions. 
Sports News
All fixtures were cancelled as the weather did its worst on Wednesday with heavy rain and very poor playing conditions. After a relaxing exeat break, everyone is ready to tackle this week’s challenges!  The rugby teams are ready for their opponents and the U11 girls look forward to their netball tournament. 
Mrs Samantha Price, Headmistress of Benenden School was their guest for their evening prayer service on the return from exeat. Cottesmore has a long tradition of girls taking up places at the prestigious school, which has been one of Britain’s leading boarding schools for 90 years.  As is customary after the service, parents joined us in the drawing room for drinks and an opportunity to chat informally with Mrs. Price. 
Pre-prep news
This term's theme is 'being helpful' and Mrs Baker and the team sincerely hope that the children are thinking of ways to help out at home!
World Book Day is being held on 1st March and plans are in place already for a super day of bookish love with lots of activities.  The children may, as always, come to school dressed as their favourite book character (rather than a superhero or princess) and to bring in the book that they are the character from.
Here’s the latest class news: 
This week the Reception class will be continuing with their learning about traditional tales, focusing on Jack and the Beanstalk. They will create some beanstalk art, consider what they would do if they had magic beans and write their thoughts down.  The children will write about their news from the weekend and continue to try to use their phonic and key word knowledge along with remembering letter formation and finger spacing. They will also consider the structure and key points in the story, illustrating them following discussion, and then ordering familiar sentences to consolidate their knowledge.  They all look forward to acting out the story, working as a group, taking on different roles and using their imagination to bring the story to life. 
In Maths the children will begin to learn about number bonds for 10 and begin to understand and recite doubles to five.  They will look for patterns on the number square and continue to improve their number formation. Show and tell on Wednesday will be about 'something symmetrical'.
Year 1
This week in their writing Year 1 will be writing some thank you letters to the paramedics who came into school last week.  They will be using Phonics Play on the computer to help revise their initial sounds and their spellings will be 'ea' words.  Year 1 will continue blending nk, ck, ai, air, oo, ee, ay, oy, ar, or, ch and sh flash cards/words and go through the phonic sounds the children know. In Maths they will continue to work on money; adding and subtraction with money and using coins to buy and sell things.  The children will continue working on their numbers up to 100 and work on tens and units. 
In their ‘under the sea’ topic Year 1 will be finding out about life underwater and learning about the different types of animals and fish that live there. In Art, cold picture work will continue, as well as undertaking some collage work to make an under the sea picture.

Year 2
This week the class are going to look at some 'non-fiction' texts about bats. The children will label a picture of a bat and include additional details. They will write questions to help them to research bats and write factual sentences. They will then use these questions and texts to help them to complete a fact file of different varieties of bat with further information about each species.
In Maths this week  the children will begin to add and subtract 10, 20 and 30 to any 2-digit number; add and subtract 11, 21, 12 and 22 to any 2-digit number and solve addition and subtractions by counting on and back in 10s then in 1s. In Science they will discuss waterproof materials and their uses, investigating the absorbency of fabrics. In Art the ‘Materials’ display will be completed. 
Year 3
During their English lessons this week Year 3 will first write a section of the Snowman story, focusing on their descriptive language and direct speech.  They will then begin to plan an alternative ending for the story. In Maths they will begin their week by solving word problems involving column addition and subtraction. After this they will explore mental strategies to solve halving and doubling. 
During their Geography session Year 3 will learn about the climate found in the rainforest, then answering questions about this, interpreting both a line and bar chart. In Science the children will identify a variety of rainforest animals and will then design their own animals adapted to rainforest conditions. In their Art lesson they will design an animal mask. In RS this week Year 3 will write an account detailing the story of David and Goliath.
Dorm Doings
The Junior Boys’ dorm monitors enjoyed a sleepover at Buchan Cottage last week, with Mr and Mrs Revill’s popular blend of games and foodie treats as a reward for their hard work. This week all the dorm monitors will enjoy a stay up as a ‘thank you’ for their efforts. 

Sunday Fundays
Climbing and bowling feature on the Sunday trips schedule next weekend, with Cottesmorians ever ready to take on some challenges!
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