Newsletter - Lent Term, 27.02.18
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Newsletter - Lent Term, 27.02.18

Our Annual Chess Congress takes place this week, our concert on Saturday is bound to be a sure-fire hit, we have a visit from our MP, it’s World Book Day and our sports teams are jubilant at a number of victories.  There’s never a dull moment at Cottesmore! 

Academic News
The seniors completed their trial exams last Friday and the results are starting to flood in, with the academic pathways forwards being upgraded and amended. It is important to stress that these mock results are but a snapshot of now and not a final “result”. The euphoria of some (Will P. hitting 90% in his level two French trial) had to be offset as the pupils are quickly re-focused on the work to be completed in the final three weeks of term. 
Some then will enjoy the luxury of a four-week holiday: those short-dated scholars who have already successfully achieved places or scholarships to their first choice of Public School. Alas, those taking their final exams face a month of revision, despite the protestations of some. “I can multitask” exclaimed Bertie V. “I have the ability to revise for my scholarship and eat lots of chocolate at the same time”.
The recent returnees from Harrow and Worth were both certain that they had given the scholarship exams their best shot. No more can be asked of them and we await their results eagerly. Those that have finished will start the transition to GCSE work, to smooth entry to Public School. Emily was agreeably surprised to find out that Foundation level GCSE work is very easy compared with the rigours of her Benenden scholarship preparation. Alas, she was then made aware of the new grades - the 9** -  which the government have introduced to extend excellence at GCSE and to bridge the gap to A level, to ensure a smoother transition at 16+.
The French trip: June 2018
The letter to parents of fourth form pupils about this year’s French trip is due to be sent within the next few days. The fourth form pupils have already been quizzing the seniors on all that they did last year at La Porte des Iles and anticipation is growing!
World Book Day: this Thursday
Rumours abound concerning the English department’s preparations for the day. Poetry readings, staff in costume……watch this space!
Be prepared for a rousing afternoon on Saturday when ‘Cottesmore Goes Iconic’. Our always-lauded concert will contain a fabulous programme of song and musicianship — another space to watch!
Sports News
The rugby season may be over as hockey takes over for the rest of term — but good rugby news continues to roll in. Sam H, the co-captain of the Cottesmore 1st team, has been offered a place in the junior development squad of Harlequins RFC, following in some very worthy footsteps. Conor Walker-Simms, who still holds the 1st Team record of 19 tries in a season, was also a member of this exclusive squad, as was Luke Wallace who has gone on to play professionally at the Quins. We wish Sam all the very best in his promotion to an elite level of rugby and hope that he can take it as far as he wishes. Sam is currently awaiting the results of a sports scholarship to Worth, where he was also offered an academic scholarship very recently.

1st VII v Duke of Kent: won 2-0
Will P reports: “We lost the toss and began to an encouraging start. The first goal came soon from brilliant team work between Harry and Yode, with Yode scoring. As the match went on there were various moments where the ball was lost and won by both teams due to various slip-ups and tackles. However, at half-time the score remained 1-0 to Cottesmore.” 
“We had push back for the start of the second half and almost came to an instant goal from Harry, assisted by Will. Our second goal did come soon after from a great assist from Harry and Will getting past the keeper. The final score was 2-0 to Cottesmore”. Special mentions went to Gleb and Bertie V, with Harry awarded Man of the Match. 
3rd Boys’ Seniors Hockey VII v Windlesham: won 4-0
Our boys played brilliantly, fighting hard to win virtually every 50/50 ball and playing the ball about well. David on the right wing gave us a wide option that was well used and also created lots of space in the centre for Dimash to exploit; scoring a fine hat trick thanks to his intelligent runs and deft finishes. Mathieu covered every inch of the pitch and Rafferty’s stick was like a ‘ball magnet’, stopping most of their clearances and recycling the ball back to our forwards. George and Ollie defended heroically and on the few occasions when we were caught out, Asad saved brilliantly!  “A true team performance and a great win!” said a very happy Mr Revill.  
Colts U10 Hockey mini-tournament
For the first games of the season the Colts played a round-robin mini tournament against the Duke of Kent on the Gravel. We played well throughout and the A team earned two very pleasing results. The B’s clearly need more practice. “But a good start”, was Mr Butler and Mr A-B’s verdict. The scorers were Archie and Sam, with awarded Archie awarded Man of the Match. The results were: drew 3-3; won 4-0; drew 0-0; lost 6-0. 
Some other superb results were: 
1st VII v Windlesham: won 6-3
Colts A v Windlesham: won 3-1

1st team v Copthorne: lost; v Windlesham B: won 24-10
The firsts played magnificently at Copthorne, but unfortunately lost the match as they were unable to convert numerous scoring chances.       
Saturday’s fixture against Windlesham B was a resounding victory. All the girls played exceptionally well, with quick, strong and accurate passing, for which they were awarded   Girl of the Game stars. Abigail was chosen by Windlesham as the all- round individual Girl of the Game, with Adriana shooting brilliantly on her first team debut.       
2nd team v Copthorne: won 12-7, Girl of the Game was awarded to Millie; 
v Windlesham: won 12-10.
The 2nd team’s initial lead against Windlesham fell away when they were reduced to six players and they did well to go on and win the match.  Girl of the Game was awarded to Tierney. 

3rd team v Copthorne: won 15-2, Girl of the Game was awarded to Amour; 
v Windlesham: drew 9-9
Last minute changes of plan due to sickness and players called up to more senior teams proved that Cottesmore’s determined spirit was much in evidence for the 3rd team in their Windlesham fixture. Mrs Watkin was delighted and proud that defeat was avoided.  

More wins for the netball teams were: 
U11 v St Bede’s: won 6-0
U9 v Windlesham: won 8-4
Pre-prep news
World Book Day is being celebrated in the Pre-prep this week too and the children are welcome to come to school dressed up in their favourite book character, with the book their character has come from. Book Battles will commence! The Reception class children will be participating by voting and any children in Years 1-3 who wish to take part in book battling may do so. The book battling has been explained to the children in assembly and everyone is ready to get going!
There will be more excitement on Wednesday as the children will be involved in a visiting Outer Space theatre workshop in the morning. 
Rehearsals continue for our special Mother's Day assembly, taking place in the chapel on Tuesday 6th March at 2.45pm, with tea and coffee available afterwards. 
Here’s the latest class news: 
The children will be continuing their work on addition and subtraction, remembering the word 'fewer' and use a number line to find their answers. They will also continue practising their number recognition and ordering to 20. The topic of Dinosaurs will hold a special surprise – a dinosaur egg!  The children will eagerly watch its hatching over the next few days.  
Exploring and learning about the structure of information texts in a variety of forms – fact cards, encyclopaedias and top trump cards is a feature this week, and in ICT the class will type their signs to keep the dinosaur egg safe and learn about creating a bold display. 
Dinosaur learning continues with making a skeleton from paper, making some fossils and complete a problem-solving exercise using ice.  Sharing books will be another strong feature this week, as part of World Book Day on Thursday, 
Year 1
A new topic on ‘Materials’ begins this week by finding out about their properties. The children will also be writing an acrostic poem about the Spring.
In Maths Year 1 will be working on tens and units using cubes and strings of beads. They will begin working through a tens and units maths book as well as using money to do addition and subtraction work. In Art, Easter is very much on the horizon, as well as making some spring collage pictures.
Year 2
This is the last week that Year 2 will be leaning about The Great Fire of London and they will be writing a diary entry in the style of Samuel Pepys, focusing on producing a factual report and the use of descriptive language. They will be writing on parchment-style paper and will even turn their pencils into quills! In Maths the class will be using place value and ordering 2-digit numbers; place value additions and subtractions and they will add and begin to subtract 9, 10 and 11 from a two-digit number. In Art this week Year 2 will make cards to celebrate Mother’s Day in anticipation of our assembly next week. The children will continue to join the prep school children for their games practice sessions.
Year 3
During Maths lessons this week the focus will be to identify the link between multiplication and division. The children will revise their knowledge of tables learnt so far and will then practise strategies to improve their rapid recall. They will then use these times table facts to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. Finally, the children will begin to solve larger multiplication problems using the written short multiplication method. 
In English they will use their knowledge of the rainforests to write a diary entry about a walk in the Amazon. During Geography pupils will look at the threats that the rainforests are facing and some of the reasons behind deforestation, as well as the effects this has on the animals, plants and people who live in the rainforests and beyond. 
During their Science lessons Year 3 continue to learn about magnets, this week again focusing on the properties of magnetic materials. In Art the children will be completing their poison dart frog bean bags. 
Chess Congress
Once again, we are proud to host the Cottesmore Annual Chess Congress, now in its 41st year.  Young chess players will compete in a day of skill and strategy; we look forward to hearing all about it!
Sunday Fundays
Last Sunday a large group of pupils went to the cinema to watch the new Jumanji and Early Man films.  Each pupil received a ‘Munch Box’ that they enjoyed during the film and both movies were great successes, with Jumanji, in particular, being very amusing! 
Open Morning
Another highly successful Open Morning took place on Saturday with a large number of families visiting us; we look forward to meeting them all again soon. 
Our MP comes to Cottesmore
We look forward to welcoming Jeremy Quin MP to Cottesmore on Friday. Mr Quin was elected to the Horsham constituency in May 2015 and was re-elected in June 2017, winning an increased share of the vote. 
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