Newsletter - Lent Term, 23.01.18
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Newsletter - Lent Term, 23.01.18

Our sports teams are proving to be formidable competitors, with a winning combination of skill and determination. They have been stoic in some unpleasant playing conditions; unfortunately the flurry of snow last weekend didn’t settle, so there were no Cottesmore Snow Games to look forward to!

Sports Round Up
1st XIII v Ashdown House: won 15-5
The 1st XIII rugby team produced a gritty performance on Saturday against Ashdown House to record their first win of the season. The conditions weren’t conducive to running Rugby but both teams tried their very best and produced a match packed with incident and excitement. The balance of the game was very definitely in flux until the final quarter when Sam, the co–captain peeled away from a maul thirty metres from the Ashdown line, powered his way through several tackles and crashed over the line for the final decisive score. 
Cottesmore had held the early balance of play, dominating a first half that rarely saw Ashdown out of their own half. Two well worked scores by Will and Sam after a lot of hard rucking, ferocious scrummaging and brutal tackling left the Cottesmore team two tries up. At half time Mr Max didn’t mince his words, having watched a 2-1 lead evaporate in the previous fixture last Wednesday against Handcross Park. Consistency and continuity were the name of the game. 
At the start of the second half the Ashdowners played with great aplomb and took the game repeatedly into the Cottesmore half. Tackle after tackle repulsed them but after a series of five metre scrums, Charlie, the Ashdown captain crossed for a great score and suddenly it was “game on” for the last 10 minutes. The Ashdown pack surged forward again, halted by cutting tackles by Digby, Will, Harry and Chris, ably supported by Dimash, Jamie and Isadore. The best method of defence is always attack and the game started to swing back Cottesmore’s way. A beautiful box kick by Will was chased by Fursey, fly hacked through and with just the line in front of him, Fursey tried to pick and flick rather than hack over the line and drop on the ball to score the decisive try. Alas the ball spilled forward in the dirty muddy conditions and the moment was lost. 
Yet another frantic Cottesmore attack was blunted by some stout and belligerent Ashdown tackling and the success of holding up runners with choke tackling seemed to be about to pay off again until Sam wrestled the ball loose and powered over for the decisive score. Ashdown, unbowed, carried on valiantly for the final few minutes but the gap was now too great for them to fill. Both coaches agreed at the end that it had been a well fought game, full of quality Rugby and some hard tackling. Mr Hopkins, who had to referee in the absence of an outside referee, commented on the ferocity of the encounter. 
U11 v Handcross
The team had been working hard in training to support in numbers and arriving quickly into rucks. This was evident throughout the match when they secured nearly all of their own ball and won a fair amount of turnovers too. As the previous match, the boys were strong and brave in the tackles and made some good runs that earned two excellent tries through Humphrey and Huw. Unfortunately, they only started to tackle in the second minute after they had already conceded two avoidable tries. Many positives can be taken from this game again, mainly the teamwork, determination and bravery. 
U11 v Ashdown
The U11s took on Ashdown who they had beaten in their second match of this season. Unfortunately, we were unable to complete the double due, in part, to a number of injuries that depleted our team. However, the fringe players stood up strong and competed at all levels in the cold, muddy conditions. Special mentions go to Kip and Rufus for playing their first full matches and never giving up, with Tancredi also putting in a strong performance. A fantastic team try was scored by Huw, following some great running from Drummond. Humphrey excelled in all areas but Drummond deservedly was awarded the Man of the Match.  
U10 v Handcross: drew 25-25. Scorers: William P 2; Sam K 2; Archie
U10 v Ashdown: won 30-15.   Scorers: William P 2; Jonathan; Sam K:  Allison 2
Coaches Mr A-B and Mr Butler commented: “There have been some good performances this term. Unfortunately the match against Dorset House was abandoned due to a bad injury to one of the Dorset House boys. We then played well against Handcross and probably deserved to win but had to settle for a draw. Finally we got a win in the return match at home to Ashdown. All 13 under 10s played at least half a game with debuts for Robert, Philip and Alex.  There were strong performances in all 3 matches by William, Sam and Archie.  The under 10s are still unbeaten!”
There were very exciting results from Wednesday’s fixtures with a clean sweep for all the senior and junior teams, so a very well-deserved stay up was awarded. Some headlines follow:
1st team v Dorset House: won 19:1
An exciting match, with Girls of the Game awarded to Abigail, Phoebe and Poppy.

3rd team v Lancing Prep: won 16:1
This was another fixture where the Cottesmore girls demonstrated their prowess. Girl of the Game was awarded to Maria.
U11 fixtures
v Ashdown: lost 16:15         Girl of the Game: Ju-Eun
v Lancing Prep: won 16:2      Girl of the Game: Gesi
v Brambletye won 12:9        Girl of the Game: Freya
The girls have had a great start to the season winning 2 out of their 3 matches with the third being lost by only one goal.
They have been working really well as a team, their throwing and catching down the court has a good strong flow with them holding their space and waiting to run for the ball. Interceptions are a key to winning their matches and they are becoming springier on their feet and reaching out for those balls to great effect. The passing in and out of the D by Phoebe and Heeta in attack and Anna in defence again is strength of their game. It has also been great to have two U10 girls play up; Rosie and Layla are making a very positive impact on each game.” Well done to getting off to such a fantastic start to the season”, enthused Mrs Perry.
U10 v Lancing Prep: won 12:4
Girl of the Game was awarded to Layla

U10 v Brambletye: won 13-0
Mrs Watkin was clearly delighted with all the teams’ performances, especially so early in the term. 
U9 Girls v Brambletye: won 6-4
The U9 girls enjoyed a very successful match against Brambletye.  The girls were in the mood for a challenge and didn’t let their side down. They were playing in the sports hall, which is always difficult as the ball may be played off the walls. Mathilde played very well in defence and was awarded player of the match by Miss Eddy. Biba and Fleur played as the twin dream team up front, playing very strong. Issy and Lily showed some real promise, playing really well with movement of the ball and also using their reverse stick. “Well done team” said a very happy Miss Eddie afterwards. 

Pre-prep news
The term is progressing well and the Pre-prep department is an exciting place to be; discovering and exploring exciting topics such as rainforests, properties of materials, under the sea and fairy tales. The new term's clubs are well under way and with nine different clubs on offer, the children's experiences are broad and engaging.
Here’s a closer look at each class’s learning this week:

The topic of fairy tales continues this week as well finishing work related to Goldilocks and the Three Bears and also beginning work on The Gingerbread Man. Activities will include baking gingerbread men using a recipe, making gingerbread play dough, recognising dice dots through playing a gingerbread man game and matching dots and numbers on gingerbread men. The children will also role play the story and learn sections by heart. The Maths focus will be symmetry, pattern and estimation to the nearest 5. 
Year 1
This week in Creative writing Year 1 will be writing some fun facts about sea creatures. They will be using Phonics Play on the computer to help revise their initial sounds and their spellings will be ‘nk’ words. 
In Maths the children are working on money recognition and adding and subtraction with money. They will continue working on our numbers up to 100 and more /less of 2 numbers. There will be conversation about the crabs and turtles that live under the sea and finding out about their lives. In Art our pupils will continue with their cold pictures and mixing cold colours, as well as painting turtles.

Year 2
This week the class continues to look at the text ‘Maisie’s Dragon’ and will be using their understanding of the plot to plan their own version of story independently, including some interesting some sentence openers. The children will then write their story using simple sentences and writing legibly. In maths the class are going to mark numbers on a line, compare and order numbers using < and > signs, find 1 and 10 more or less using the 100-square and find 10 more and 10 less than any 2-digit number.
In Science this week Year 2 is going to look at what buildings are made of and why, as well as talking about the absorbency of building materials. They will then devise an investigation to test a variety of materials for their absorbent properties, make predictions and record the results. The children will continue the theme of ‘materials’ in their art work this week as they prepare items for a ‘materials’ display in the classroom.
Year 3
During their English lessons this week Year 3 will rewrite various sections of The Snowman story, using a variety of adjectives and adverbs and also inserting some direct speech. In their Maths lessons their focus will be column subtraction. The children will listen to the story of David and Goliath in their RS lesson and will then discuss times that they have been brave during their lives. 
In Geography there will be discoveries to be made about the layers of vegetation found in tropical rainforests. In Science the focus will be identifying a variety of rainforest plants, looking at their adaptations made for the conditions in which they grow. In their Art lessons year 3 will explore the works of Rousseau and will begin to reproduce one of his paintings.
Sunday Fundays
On a horribly wet and cold Sunday it was a pleasure to seek the shelter of Guildford’s large, warm, indoor trampoline centre. Airhop holds approximately 50 trampolines of all shapes and sizes, including some on the wall, in a dodge ball arena and a foam pit where pupils tried twists and somersaults with a guaranteed soft landing each time. A great time was had by all and many tired bodies found time for a power nap on the way home!  

Looking Forward
A welcome exeat beckons this weekend; just before we head off we welcome Fergus Beeley to Cottesmore on Friday afternoon to talk about his career as a wildlife photographer. On our return we will be delighted to see Mrs Sam Price, Headmistress of Benenden School at our evening prayer service. As always after the service, there’s a cordial invitation for everyone to join us for drinks in the drawing room, where Mrs Price will join us for an informal chat. 
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