Newsletter - Lent Term, 19.02.18
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Newsletter - Lent Term, 19.02.18

The second half of term gets off to a flying start with more fantastic scholarship news.  Congratulations to our three most recent awards winners — and good luck wishes go to all candidates in the coming examinations. 

Academic News
We are delighted to announce three more scholarship awards: to Emily an academic scholarship by Benenden School; a Foundation Award for Ella to Eastbourne College and a Sports scholarship awarded to Abigail, also by Eastbourne College.  
The class of 2018 have further tightened their grip on the awards board after the two music scholarships awarded earlier this term. Katharine has been offered an unconditional place at Benenden as a result of her scholarship entry. The pupils in the sixth form are happy that thus far they have maintained the Cottesmore School record that stretches back over 30+ years, where every member of the sixth form has secured a place to their first-choice school.
The rest of the class of 2018 is preparing for exams in a number of different ways. Those taking exams — either scholarships or Common Entrance next term —  have trial (mock) exams this week, starting on Tuesday. Some of the cohort are at their senior schools taking scholarships as we write and those taking scholarships later this term will continue with the normal curriculum, accompanied of course by those who have already taken their scholarships or entrance exams successfully.
Pupils in the fourth form and below are not examined at this stage of the academic year and will proceed with their classes as normal.
The 4th Form have completed their studies of ‘Coasts’ by taking part in a debate where they have attempted to convince the ‘Holderness County Council’ (Mr Revill and select pupils!) on the best management techniques to protect a large stretch of coastline. With a budget of £20 million, they could not afford to protect the whole coastline and had to leave some places to the mercy of the waves. It was interesting to hear their different opinions, although they all tried to focus their efforts on the areas of highest economic value and showed an impressive knowledge of the management strategies available. 
This year group are now starting to learn about Tectonics, which is perfect timing for the upcoming trip to Iceland! 
Sports News
U11s v Duke of Kent – final match 
Just before half term a hugely depleted squad stepped forward to take on Duke of Kent in the final match of the season. Some of our less experienced rugby players rose to the challenge and played running, expansive rugby, moving the ball wonderfully through the hands at every opportunity. As a result, we scored a number of fine tries, including one cracker from Kip, who finished off a move of seven or eight passes by supporting Ignacio as he was tackled just short of the try line. Ignacio and Maxime both tackled their hearts out and ran tirelessly at their defence, creating opportunities for others and scoring a good number of tries themselves. Unfortunately, in the final play of the game, a handling error allowed for a turnover try to be scored which gave the game to the opposition. Huge credit must be given to the boys for showing an incredible amount of progress throughout this rugby season. “Roll on next year!” commented Mr Revill. 
U10s v Duke of Kent: won 18-0
A resounding victory for the girls just before half term. The goal scorers were Layla, Nancy and Onti, with Layla awarded Girl of the Game. 

U9 A & B teams v Cumnor: won 6-0 and 7-2
Our U9 girls’ netball teams braved the cold and went outside to play back to back matches against the U9A &B netball teams from Cumnor.
The A team started and the girls were quick to turn around their centre pass to a goal for us, with some brilliant interceptions from Biba in Goal Defence.  Fleur worked hard in Centre to keep their Centre out of the game. There were brilliant goals from Issy and Mathilde, with an end score of 6-0 to the Cottesmore A team.
In the B team match Nell and Lily tried really hard in their marking to keep the ball down at our end and there were some great goals from Jemima. Daisy did well, proving very good at always finding space.  The end score was 7-2 to Cottesmore.  
“Well done to the whole team on some brilliant passing, catching and dodging”, was Miss Eddy’s delighted response at the end of the afternoon’s play. 
Well done to the junior swimming squad who have enjoyed an unbeaten winter season. 
Pre-prep news
Thursday 1st March is an important day in the Pre-prep calendar as it’s World Book Day and this year there will be Book Battles!  The children have to champion a book and sell it to the other children. They will explain the plot, their favourite characters, who might like the book and give it a rating. The important thing is to know the book and why it is the best!
The aim of the battle is to convince the other children in the class that their book is better than their opponent. Each child will have exactly a minute to talk about their book. The rest of the Pre-prep will be encouraged to ask questions and then they will vote. The winning book in each class will be the book that scores the most points. The Reception class children will be participating by voting and any children in Years 1-3 who wish to take part in book battling may do so.
The class teachers will ask their children who would like to take part on Monday 27th February and will form a list of opponents. This will be explained to the children in assembly this week. 
Another important date looms and rehearsals will gather momentum for a very special Mother’s Day Assembly, to be held on Tuesday March 6th. 
Here’s their news for the week ahead: 
This week the children will start their topic of Dinosaurs, exploring and learning about the structure of information texts in a variety of forms: fact cards, encyclopaedias and top trump cards. They will be beginning to compare dinosaurs and learn interesting facts about them.  They will also be creating some large dinosaurs in their art work this week, working together to colour mix and paint.  The children will also be playing a fun game collecting dinosaur eggs (bean bags) in a physical challenge. They will be continuing their practise to learn their number friends to 10 (1+9, 7+3, 4+6 etc) and will be looking at how these numbers appear when they take away from ten (10-4=6, 10-3=7 etc).  The children will be playing some dinosaur board games and some physically challenging games too. 
Year 1
This week in Creative Writing Year 1 will be writing poems and listening to lots of different poems, as well as getting some ideas for their own. In Maths they will be working on their number squares to 100 and addition and subtraction using bigger numbers up to 100.  They will also continue working with 3D shapes, their names and properties. In Science the children will be continuing their ‘under the sea’ topic, finding out about the life cycles of some under the sea creatures. In Art they will be experimenting with mixing colours and making a colour wheel, as well as undertaking some more ‘under the sea’ art work.
Year 2
This week in Year 2 pupils are starting to learn about 'The Great Fire of London'. They will be sequencing the events on a time line and in DT making finger puppets of some of the characters involved. In English they will be starting to write a newspaper report about the 'Great Fire'. In Art this week pastels and charcoal will be used to sketch a Tudor house ready for the 'Fire of London' display. In Maths the children will start to count in 2s, 5s and 10s from zero; count in multiples of 2p, 5p and 10p; use number sequences of 2s, 5s and 10s and find the totals of coins and ways to make an amount. In Science they continue to look at everyday materials and will be carrying out an investigation to find out which ball is the bounciest.
Year 3
During their English lessons this week Year 3 we will begin their poetry unit: rainforest poetry.  This week’s poem for study will be Rainforest Animals by Paul Hess; the children will focus on the structure of a poem, looking in particular at rhythm and rhyme. In Maths they continue to learn about 3D shapes, this week revising the properties of these shapes and will also make them. In Geography Year 3 will learn about the water cycle, focusing on its importance in the rainforest ecosystem. In Art they will begin to sew their poison dart frog bean bags. During our science session we will learn about the properties of magnetic materials.  In RS the focus is Noah's Ark.
Sunday Fundays
A trip to the cinema beckons this weekend and there are whispers about go-karting trips after Easter!
Open Morning – this Saturday
The usual warm welcome awaits our guests this Saturday, February 24th from 1000-1200. The staff and pupils look forward to meeting potential Cottesmorians and showing them all that makes Cottesmore so special. 
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