Newsletter - Lent Term, 07.02.18
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Newsletter - Lent Term, 07.02.18

Never mind the Oscars, Cottesmore’s own awards season has got off to a terrific start with news of two music scholarships awarded to talented Cottesmorians.  

Congratulations to Poppy, who has won a choral scholarship to Wellington and Branton, who has been awarded a choral award to Shrewsbury.  Very well done to them both.
Two of our girls have recently taken academic scholarship papers to Benenden, with more exams due to be taken after half term to schools including Harrow, Worth and Wellington. We wish everyone success.
Meanwhile with half term on our horizon, the concert rehearsals gather pace, sports fixtures resume from their weather interruptions — with a fabulous finish from the 1st rugby team — and fluorescent bowling has become a ‘thing’!
Academic News
6th Form Lecture Series: Personal Finance
Head of Maths Mr Ellis delivered a lecture to an attentive audience. It was an introduction to the world of personal finance, and a whistle stop tour through all the various financial products that the students will likely encounter in later life. The talk was split into two halves: saving and borrowing.
In savings, they looked at current accounts vs savings accounts, their strengths and weaknesses, including the idea of inflation risk.  There was also a discussion on long term investments; stocks and shares, diversification, and the balance between risk and reward. 
In borrowing, pupils looked at the positive and negative aspects of various long and short-term methods of borrowing, including personal loans, credit cards and mortgages, along with the various risks and benefits of each, including the eye-popping 2000%+ APR rates of and similar lenders. 
Mrs Perry delivered a very topical lecture on the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage this week and this eclectic series will continue after half term with The Cave (Mrs Waller); Jazz Part 2 (Mr Walker) and Sharks (Mrs Rogerson). 
Sports News
1st team v Lancing College Prep: won 75-5
Last Wednesday the first team (comprising the best players from the fourth, fifth and sixth forms playing U12 rules) played against Lancing College Prep at Hove. 
It turned out to be the biggest victory in thirty years, with a final score of 75-5. The game started and finished in the same fashion: utter and total dominance of the loose ball, an almost endless supply of possession and a feast of running Rugby through some very poor tackling. The scorers were Jaime (4), Sam (5), Harry (2), Christopher (2), with Isadore and Will scoring one each. Coach Mr Hopkins was unhappy that the opposition were allowed to cross our line and also that sloppy handling and passing butchered other try scoring opportunities, with both Tomas and Digby missing out. 
In the context of this game those errors were meaningless and would only have ballooned the score line even further. In another context, it could mean the difference between winning and losing.
 U13 v Brambletye: won 45-15
On Saturday, the U13 team, (mainly 1st team players), took on Brambletye at home. This was a much more contested fixture, Brambletye producing their usual package of well coached players with strong intent to impose themselves. Last year they won in the last play of the game when we dropped the ball over their try line and failed to snatch the lead. The previous year a last-minute drop goal had ensured a Cottesmore victory. With this in mind, the coaches were expecting a fine match and despite the appalling sticky mud, it turned out to be exactly that. 
Cottesmore opened the scoring and pushed on to two tries ahead when Brambletye struck back. At half time it was a very fiercely contested match with Cottesmore leading 15-10, the slimmest of margins. The rucking from both teams was exceptional, especially given the atrocious conditions. Despite the physical size and superiority of the opposition, the Cottesmorians executed their simple game plan to a highly pleasing level of skill and eventually ran out winners 45-15. In fairness, the score line does not reflect the match, flattering the Cottesmore team who quite mercilessly ran in three tries at the end of the game to further emphasise their final dominance. The result remained in question until deep into the second half. The scorers were Jaime (3), Harry (2), Will (2) and Sam (2).  Several parents commented after the match that the half back combination had spotted cracks in the opposition’s defence and were constantly varying the attack points to surprise and confuse their opponents.
This was the last match for Mr Hopkins, after 28 years of 1st team Rugby at Cottesmore and was a wonderful way to sign off. He noted afterwards that it was a real privilege to coach boys who were prepared to strive at this level of intensity to achieve their victories. Profuse thanks were also extended by a “bug bitten” coach to Mr Gavin Kenny, who became the coach’s voice during the match, shouting himself hoarse on the day.
2nd XI v Handcross: lost 6-3; v Lancing Prep: lost 6-0; v Brambletye: lost 6-0.
A rueful Mr Butler said: “Unfortunately the Under 10’s bubble burst this week with 3 defeats. Injury and illness played their part but, in all honesty, we were beaten by better teams, particularly Brambletye who were excellent. The last game is an away fixture to the Duke of Kent School.  Let’s hope we finish the season with a flourish!”  The scorers in the Handcross match were Will P (2) and Jonny. Men of the Matches were Will P, Rowley and Sam.  
Staff v 1st team: Girls won 34-33
The Staff vs Firsts match took place on Saturday in front of an enthusiastic audience of junior girls and reserve seniors. “The Teddies”, led by Miss Eddie included four or five brave Danish girls, two “gappers” along with cameo appearances by Mrs Perry and Miss Flower to make up the opposition team. 
In a match of four quarters, the girls made a runaway start, taking the first quarter 14-6. However, the novices learned quickly and by the end of the second quarter the score was 22-16. 
With the umpire turning a blind eye to poor footwork by The Teddies, and urged on by the competitive display by Captain Eddie, The Teddies advanced further in the third quarter. With wonderful and accurate shooting by the gappers, the score was a goal short of a draw at 29-28 to the girls when Miss Flower made an appearance in red bobble hat, passing with gusto. 
In the frenetic final minutes of the game, the result was in doubt until the final centre pass taken by The Teddies, when a drawn score of 33-33 was brilliantly intercepted, enabling the girls to score just 14 seconds before the final whistle. 
Having umpired on many occasions, Mrs Watkin commented that this was “honestly the most fun, close contest played at high standard”. The Cottemsore spirit was very much in evidence!
Our concert is shaping up nicely! “Cottesmore Goes Iconic” will include “some whopping tunes”, according to Miss C and we’re being pretty daring with the level of musicianship required (from the whole school) to be able to perform our epic finale.  As ever, one to look forward to. 
Pre-prep news
The Pre-prep pupils will be finding out about what it is like to be an author this week as John Harris, a professional storyteller, will be visiting the school.
Shrove Tuesday is during half term, so there will be pancake races on Friday during break time, which has become a Pre-prep tradition. 
Here’s their latest news: 
This week the children will be immersing themselves in Chinese culture in preparation for Chinese New Year which is on Friday, 16th February.  They will be painting their names in Chinese script, learning about the year of the dog, using chopsticks, writing numerals in Chinese and ordering animals from the story by size. They will also be making a Chinese lantern and making special red envelopes for next week. Watching some dragon dancing and learning about the traditions followed during the festival will make for a very exciting week! 

Year 1
This week in their writing Year 1 will be creating some imaginative stories about ‘under the sea’. In Maths they will be working on shape, 2D and 3D names and properties and continue working on their numbers up to 100, as well as working on tens and units. In their ‘under the sea’ topic Year 1 will be finding out some more facts about sea creatures and their different habitats under the sea. In Art the children will be doing some collage work and making turtles. 
Year 2
This week Year 2 will be looking at the book ‘Bat loves the night’ by Nicola Davies. They will be concentrating on the use of language in the text and will make a list of adjectives and descriptive phrases to describe nouns. They will then compose a short simple poem about a bat using adjectives which describe the noun as well as some verbs. In Maths the class will add and subtract 2-digit numbers; solve addition and subtraction problems using concrete and pictorial representations; add near doubles to double 15 and add several small numbers spotting near doubles or pairs to 10. In Science the children will continue to discuss waterproof materials and their uses and we will think of their own investigate to test the absorbency of paper. In Art they will be making a Valentine’s Day card.
Year 3
During their English lessons this week the children will complete their work on The Snowman story by writing an alternative ending. They will then revise their knowledge of apostrophes used when contracting words and when showing possession. 
During their Maths sessions Year 3 will continue to practise doubling and halving two and three-digit numbers. They will then use this knowledge to solve word problems. At the end of the week their attention will turn to the shape and space area of Maths, looking at positional language, including compass turns. In Science the children will investigate the animal food chains found in the Amazon. They will create a cartoon showing the story of Joseph and his technicoloured dream coat in RS and in Art lesson the children will begin to make poison dart frog beanbags.
Dorm Doings
Mr Revill has spoken very positively of the wonderful evenings in boarding that he has witnessed recently: Mr Max and Miss Julie have been reading stories to the junior boys, who have then proudly been taking it in turns to read aloud to their peers and Miss Hanna has been challenged to many games of Dobble and Uno with the girls on the junior landing, in between hair drying sessions. 
The senior girls have been the usual hive of activity with Miss Hutchinson keeping everyone happy, as well as some wonderful bedtime reading occurring after some competitive, and noisy, Dobble sessions. Mr Will and Miss Naomi on the senior boys’ landing have seen many Monopoly, card games, magic tricks and eager seniors practising their French orals with Mathieu and Maxime being their native ‘teachers’! 
Mr Revill commented: “Fantastic pupils and excellent staff = one very happy Head of Boarding!” 
Sunday Fundays
This Sunday, Cottesmorians enjoyed a game of fluorescent ten-pin bowling, followed by a session facing many climbing challenges at Clip’n’ Climb, to conquer their fears. The pupils raced each other up a variety of climbing walls, rode a giant, near vertical slide and clambered (some brave souls jumped) up some tall poles with a diameter of a dinner plate; when they reached the top, the brave stood up and jumped off, being brought safely down to earth. The highlight was climbing onto a ledge and launching themselves towards a trapeze bar suspended high up, in order to try and hang on to it in mid-flight.   A highly successful — and exhilarating — afternoon!

The Half Term Holiday
The first half of term draws to a close, and with a great deal of energy expended both indoors and out, everyone is wished a relaxed and happy break. 
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