Newsletter - Lent Term, 06.03.18
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Newsletter - Lent Term, 06.03.18

Our concert was the predicted storming success, with accolades rightly heaped upon our young performers.  We have another super scholarship award to shout about and our local MP found himself being quizzed on diverse topics by eager young Cottesmorian minds. After some breathing space at the weekend’s exeat, it’s full steam ahead to the end of term!
Academic News
World Book Day
A fabulous day of book-related festivities marked World Book Day in both the Prep and Pre-prep last week. 
There were some truly excellent costumes worn by both staff and pupils, with kudos going to Mr Ellis as the Fantastic Mr Fox, as well as to the gap students — and did we really see Darth Vader striding along the corridors?  Mrs Price, Year 3 teacher in the Pre-Prep won the ‘best teacher outfit’ for her excellent Miss Trunchbull from Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’. 
Pupil winners from each year group in the Prep school were: 
Form 1: The twins as The Scarecrow (Fleur) and Mary from The Secret Garden (Biba); Wilf LO as Harry Potter 
Form 2:  Robert H as Mr Hyde and Rosie WD as The White Witch from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Form 3: Humphrey A as Gangster Granny and Ana A-A as Anne of Green Gables 
Form 4: George B as Skullduggery Pleasant and Aurelia B as Juliet 
Form 5: Clara A and Lucy L as Captain Hook 
Form 6: Sam H as Private Peaceful, Harry WD as Dorothy and Maria B as Pippi Longstocking
OC News
Marvellous news of Old Cottesmorian Tom Daly was received last week as he has been offered a place at Cambridge. Congratulations!
Cottesmore Goes Iconic
A fantastic afternoon of eclectic musical selections made for a memorable concert on Saturday, performed as always to a packed house.
The whole-school choir opened proceedings with the stirring ‘O Fortuna’ from Orff’s Carmina Burana and our chapel choir closed the concert with ‘September’ (Earth, Wind and Fire) and ‘Lean on me’ (Bill Withers).
In between were some beautifully presented musical solos, including Charlotte on cornet (A Knight’s Tale by Sparke) and Alan on guitar with his rendition of Legend by Albeniz. 
Emily on saxophone played Oasis’ ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ and Katharine performed the Cha Cha Cha by Ortiz.  Robert’s cello solo of Gershwin’s iconic ‘Summertime’ was followed by a detailed piano solo by Ju-Eun with Pachelbel’s Canon in D.  Branton gave an assured guitar and vocal solo with Pushu’s ‘Flowers’. The Chamber orchestra performed Gossec’s ‘Tambourin’. 
The vocal soloists also gave spirited performances, with Poppy’s rendition of George Harrison’s ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and Abigail with Bob Dylan’s poignant ‘Make You Feel My Love’.  Sisters Ella and Freya gave a superb rendition of Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’. 
Further polished choral contributions came from the terrific Kemble choir with John Denver’s ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ and form songs were performed with pep by Forms 1 and 2 (Sgt Pepper’s/With A Little Help – Lennon & McCartney), Forms 3 and 4 (‘Crocodile Rock’ by Elton John) and forms 5 and 6 with the Bee Gees anthemic ‘Stayin Alive’. 
In keeping with tradition, the concert closed with ‘Carmen Cottesmorianum’ and the national anthem, before our terrific performers (along with the rest of the school) set off for a well-earned exeat break. 
Sports News
Matches were cancelled last week due to poor weather, but we received some more exciting scholarship news!
Mr Rogerson had the pleasure of announcing at the concert that Sam had been awarded a Sports scholarship to Worth School on the basis of his rugby and athletic performance. Having already noted his elevation to the junior development squad of the Harlequins RFC, it came as no surprise to his coaches that Sam had won this award. He reminds Mr Hopkins of OC George Swinburne, who won a Rugby award to Millfield in 2004 and later went only to play several times for England at U16 level. “Both boys had a good understanding of the game, excellent defensive and attacking skills and brought with them an air of menace onto the field of play”, he commented. Both boys registered the most tries scored and the most hits made for their respective first teams.
Sam’s award raises one other intrigue at Cottesmore. Of the four head monitors, three have already been awarded scholarships so far this year, with Bertie V undertaking an academic scholarship to Winchester College in the summer. This could lead to one of them picking up the “elite of the elite” at Cottesmore: the Triple Boarder. This is won very rarely by a pupil who is a head boy/girl, wins a scholarship to Public school and then wins the popular vote in the Paxton trophy for the pupil who has contributed the most to Cottesmore in that year. They are called Triple Boarders as their names appear in gold leaf on three different boards in the main hall at Cottesmore — and very few pupils are in this elite group.
Pre-prep news
It’s a very exciting day for the Pre-prep children today (Tuesday) as they are performing a very special Mother’s Day assembly in the chapel this afternoon. It’s bound to be a super event and our guests are welcome to stay for tea and coffee in the hall afterwards. 
Last week’s World Book Day was a huge success too — with some very eloquent Book Battles fought and some fabulous fancy dress costumes. 
Here’s their news: 
Dinosaur themed games such as dotty dinosaurs, bingo and snap will be much enjoyed this week and the children will also learn to take turns and follow game rules. They will be revising their knowledge of 2D shapes, practise their balancing skills and learning how a balance works when measuring weight. Paper dinosaur bones will be ordered by size and the children will measure the length of their feet using cubes. 
During topic work the class will match dinosaurs to facts and work out which facts are true or false. The children will put a paper skeleton together, practising their fine motor skills through a dinosaur pencil control activity and in ICT will be researching dinosaurs using the PBS website, which will be extended in their home books this week. 
Year 1
This week in creative writing Year 1 will be writing Easter stories and in Maths they will revise work on recognising odd and even numbers and count objects in 5s and 10s.  Simple fractions will feature too, finding half, quarters and three quarters of shapes. In Art the children will be beginning their Easter Art and Craft and begin to make their Easter cards.
Year 2
In English this week Year 2 is starting to look at ‘Masha and the Firebird’ by Margaret Bateson-Hill. They will be working on different settings and at writing character descriptions. In Art the children will start to create pictures of the Firebird using poster paint, pastels and collage materials. As ‘Masha and the Firebird’ is a Russian tale, in Geography they will be using an atlas to locate Russia and pupils will look at some physical features of Russia. In Maths they will revise number bonds to 10; begin to bridge 10; subtract from 10 and 20; use number facts to find the complement to ten and find a difference between two numbers by counting on.
Year 3
During English lessons this week Year 3 will finish writing their walk through the rainforest diary entries. They will then begin to look at the features of persuasive writing and will plan letters campaigning to save the Amazon. In Maths they continue to practise solving larger multiplication problems using the column method and will also begin to solve larger division problems using the bus stop method. They will finish their geography unit by learning about rainforest deforestation. 
In Science the children will investigate the role of magnetic materials in everyday life. During their RS lesson they will begin to read the Easter story. Art this week is focused on Mother's Day.
Our MP comes to Cottesmore
Mr Jeremy Quin received a warm Cottesmore welcome last week, addressing the whole school on his role as an elected representative of the people. He reflected on the function of parliament and the parliamentary process, taking questions from all members of the school community, including an excellent question from Jo in the Pre-prep.
The junior forms returned to their lessons, but the seniors (the 4th, 5th and 6th forms) took part in a socio-political debate, which would help them in their preparation for senior school interviews. 
Mr Quin invited pupils to submit questions across the political spectrum. In response, he received some perceptive questions about Brexit, American gun laws, Bitcoin, farming, Syria, ISIS and, of course, education. 
Mr Quin responded to each question in an honest and unpatronising manner, which led our roving reporter to comment later that he was without doubt the best political speaker to have visited Cottesmore in over 25 years. 
Mr Quin graciously accepted this praise, commenting that for him, responding appropriately was what he sought to achieve. He was open about having campaigned as a Remainer, but totally agrees with current government policy to implement the will of the people as indicated in the referendum. 
Mr Quin concluded his visit with a tour of the school by some of our pupils. As he entered lessons he found that the seeds he had sown were in some cases already being followed up by teachers. 
The visit overall was greeted by the pupils with an intellectual curiosity that he noted as a very good sign. The range of knowledge, expressed by the interest and questions was described as remarkable, with one farming question leaving him a little perplexed. Mr Quin commented that John, who had asked the question, must be from a farming background and humbly admitting that John’s farming knowledge was the greater. 
This frankness and open honesty seems to be Mr Quin’s trademark, and it was wonderful to see how his young audience both warmed to and respected him. 
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