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Newsletter - Lent Term, 19.02.18

The second half of term gets off to a flying start with more fantastic scholarship news.  Congratulations to our three ...   Read more
Half Term Newsletter - Lent Term, 09.02.18

Half term is here already and this first half has been full of achievement and enjoyment for pupils from our ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term, 07.02.18

Never mind the Oscars, Cottesmore’s own awards season has got off to a terrific start with news of two music ...   Read more
Cottesmore’s Good Schools Guide Report

What The Good Schools Guide says: Headmaster Since 2008, Tom Rogerson, married to Lottie, with two small sons, Wilf and Bear. Cottesmore ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term, 30.01.18

The Beat Poets, the Lion King, the Natural History Museum and not forgetting the Christmas quiz: it’s been another week ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term, 23.01.18

Our sports teams are proving to be formidable competitors, with a winning combination of skill and determination. They have been ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term, 18.01.18

Crisp and cold January days outdoors and high levels of energy and application indoors mark the start of this new ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term, 12.01.18

A warm welcome awaits everyone as they return from the Christmas break and we look forward to a term filled ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 12.12.17

The final days of another full and rounded term are galloping along. Excitement runs very high, the trunks have emerged ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 29.11.17

 We love ‘firsts’ and we have two brand new ones to report! Cottesmore’s ‘Lion King’ premieres this week with Thursday’s ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 06.12.17

Anticipation grows for the coming Christmas events, while work continues apace in the final full week of the term. The ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 22.11.17

The plans and rehearsals for our play ‘The Lion King’ are coming to fruition and the first performance is just ...   Read more
Newsletter Winter Term - 17.11.2017

It’s been a time of contrasts at Cottesmore with the hush of exam week versus the excitement at our teams’ ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term Half Term

The first half of the Winter term has passed by — seemingly in a flash —  with all the cheerful ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 17.10.17

The headlong dash towards half term hasn’t prevented moments of reflection: at our Harvest Festival service, on a day of ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 09.10.17

 Pigs, strings and stamps can only mean one thing: it’s Conker Week at Cottesmore! Let battle commence....   Theatre visits, Maths challenges, ...   Read more
Cottesmore's Conker Guide

What do I need?  A Conker 2ft of string An object ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 26.09.17

‘Bringing the outside in’ could well sum up recent activities and events at Cottesmore.  The smallest members of our community ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 20.09.17

The new term — and school year — are firmly established and the first exeat of the term is already ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 08.09.17

Trunks and tuck boxes, teddies and timetables are all in evidence as the new school year begins.  As well as ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 04.07.17

‘Upbeat’ and ‘exhilarating’ describe the atmosphere at school as we close another hard-working term and school year. The end-of-term activities ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 27/06/17

After discovering new ways of working in school during Arts Week, this week finds Cottesmorians learning in a number of ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 21.06.17

There’s wonderful news to begin the second half of term: every senior pupil passed their Common Entrance Examinations. Congratulations to ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 16.06.17

The first half of the summer term has seen Cottesmorians apply themselves with vigour to every aspect of their lives ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 06.06.17

The Marching Band is tuning up and a wonderful musical interlude is in its final stages of preparation, which can ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 31.05.17

There’s another industrious week under way ahead of the exams and with Sports Day on our near horizon, lots of ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 25.05.17

 It’s been another hugely successful week at Cottesmore.  Exam season is under way and last week’s Common Entrance Examinations in ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 18.05.17

‘Thinking of others’ is central to Cottesmore’s holistic ethos and last week in particular saw our pupils thinking of —and ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 09.05.17

It’s been another action-packed and varied week for Cottesmorians with a farm trip, a full fixture list and the Golf ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 03.05.17

 Another term is established and fresh friendships are forged as our new arrivals get to know their peers and settle ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 26.04.17

The new term is less than a week old, but already Cottesmorians have been to London for a science challenge, ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term Overview

 There’s and a happy and full summer term ahead as we welcome Cottesmorians returning from their Easter break. The school ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term 21.03.2017

The closing days of the term are characterised by the necessary packing and final checks, but there are fun activities ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term 15.03.2017

 The northern latitudes of Scandinavia will engage Cottesmorians this week in a comprehensive and holistic study of this fascinating region.  ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term 08.03.2017

After the musical brilliance of our concert and a well-deserved exeat weekend, Cottesmorians are soon to be transported to chillier ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term 28.02.2017

The hush which will surround the competitors in the Cottesmore Chess Congress this week will be in marked contrast to ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term 21.02.2017

There’s fabulous scholarship success news to begin the second half of term and we also wish ‘good luck’ to our ...   Read more
Half Term Newsletter: Lent 2017

Incredibly, half term is already here. Looking back, it’s plain to see that a great deal has been accomplished and ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term 07.02.2017

‘Fearless’ sums up the last week as Cottesmorians have achieved some fantastic victories on the rugby pitches and netball courts; ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term 31.01.2017

The boys were delighted at the re-instatement of rugby matches as the freezing weather at last relented, while the girls ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term 24.01.2017

Our beautiful grounds have resembled a winter wonderland recently with day after day of crisp, sparkling frosts and bright blue ...   Read more
Newsletter - Lent Term 17.01.2017

Huge excitement heralded the snowfall at the end of last week, though it was too wet and short-lived to be ...   Read more
Easter Term Overview 2017

 A new term begins and the school once again resounds to the sound of cheerful young voices catching up with ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 13.12.16

The trunks have reappeared and there’s packing to be done, but there’s fun in the swimming pool with Set Splash ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 06.12.2016

 The ‘One Vision’ of high-calibre performances was realised last week when our play ‘We Will Rock You’ was met with ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 29.11.2016

It’s been another exhilarating week at Cottesmore! The end of exams, the start of the rugby season, a visit to ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 22.11.2016

A tranquil hush will settle over the school in the coming days as exams get under way, though at the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 15.11.2016

Our bonfire night celebrations were not going to be dampened by a rain-swept evening!  An exuberant event of traditional celebrations ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 08.11.2016

Bright skies, chilly winds and falling russet leaves greeted everyone’s return after a refreshing half term break. As the school ...   Read more
Half Term Newsletter: Winter 2016

 We’re racing towards the half term holiday and a remarkable range of achievements has already been accomplished across the spectrum ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 18.10.2016

It’s been a fantastic week of sporting achievement! Our teams have been rewarded for their superb efforts with some well-deserved ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 11.10.16

There’s more good news in the last week as our senior pupils begin their preparations for entry to top public ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 04.10.2016

 It’s been a terrifically textured week both in and out of school.  From the welcome return of a childrens’ book ...   Read more

In the days preceding a welcome exeat break, Cottesmorians were armed with new study skills and our seniors visited a ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 20.09.16

 What a sensationally successful start to the term! The first full week has been full of adventures and challenges, to ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 13.09.16

 Bouncy castles and brilliant sunshine: the first weekend ‘in’ of the term meant fun for everyone as pupils and staff ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 07.09.16

 A new school year – and a new arrival! The new school year begins with the marvellous news that Mr & ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 04.07.16

The trunks are reappearing from storage, ready for their owners to fill them at the conclusion of another term and ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 28.06.16

C’est formidable! Cottesmorians are learning at home and abroad, with no let-up in the pace as we embark on the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 21.06.16

There’s fantastic academic news as we return from the half-term break: we are delighted to report a particularly strong set ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term Half Term 09.06.16

It really has been an action-packed first half to the term and it's closing with our senior pupils’ Common Entrance ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 06.06.16

A particular kind of hush settles over the school this week. Our senior pupils will sit their Common Entrance examinations, ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 01.06.16

Form 3’s Visual Arts Day was a high talking point before the exeat, after they experienced an immersive day at ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 24.05.16

Some more fabulous scholarship and entrance exam results open our newsletter, there’s been an Art trip to Brighton’s Cultural Quarter ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 17.05.16

We embark on the early stages of the Common Entrance examinations this week, with Maths Aural, French Listening and French ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 10.05.16

News of a double scholarship to Charterhouse is a fantastic way to open this week’s newsletter and warm congratulations go ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 02.05.16

Cottesmorians are working hard as examinations are on the horizon, yet at the same time they are giving their all ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 25.04.16

The summer term slips smoothly into its groove and the new children are settling in well.  The only thing that’s ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 20.04.16

There’s a new motif for the summer term to enhance our already pro-active approach towards each other’s welfare within our ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 14.04.16

The summer term is always a particularly glorious one at Cottesmore as we make full use of our beautiful and ...   Read more
International E-Safety Expert Promotes Safer Internet Use at Cottesmore School

Internationally acclaimed e-safety expert Karl Hopwood – a member of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety – is to ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 21.03.16

The end of term is almost here, but not before the excitement of Set matches and all the drama of ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 15.03.16

This week we take a trip across the English Channel for our World Awareness Week; we celebrate another successful Chess ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 08.03.16

Another week brimming with learning, sport and activities culminated in one of the high points in our school year, the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 29.02.16

Industry and energy abound, both in and outside the classroom. Our sports teams are making their mark with some splendid ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 23.02.16

Everyone is bright and cheery after a refreshing half term break. Our senior pupils are in exam mode, the hockey ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term Half Term 12.02.16

Incredibly, half term is already here and the first half of the Easter Term has been full of achievement and ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 09.02.16

From Chinese culture to Pancake Day and sporting victories to the Sea Life Centre, Cottesmorians have continued to enthusiastically embrace ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 02.02.16

Our fixture list took a battering last week as the weather took its toll; however the skipping workshop which rounded ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 26.01.16

Cottesmorians’ usual bounciness was further heightened last week with the arrival of some giant bean bags and a trip to ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 20.01.16

A sprinkling of snow at the weekend nurtured hopes of a snowman-building competition, but the light dusting just wasn’t enough. ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 14.01.16

A new term begins and the school once again buzzes with energy and the sound of cheerful young voices as ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 15.12.15

The end of term is almost here and just ahead is the tantalising prospect of a superb Christmas dinner and ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 08.12.15

Cottesmorians continue to work and play hard as the end of term approaches. With a fabulous theatrical production behind us, ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 30.11.15

The hush of exam week contrasted sharply with the jubilation which marked a hat-trick of victories at the start of ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 26.11.15

‘Preparation’ was a key word at Cottesmore last week with the examinations very firmly on this week’s horizon, as well ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 17.11.15

It’s been a week of high spirits with a triumphant end to the football season, new after school clubs, bonfire ...   Read more
Half Term Newsletter - 23.10.15

The first half of the winter term has been embraced with all the energy, vigour and enthusiasm which characterises Cottesmore.    Over ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 13.10.15

 ‘Looking after others’ has been at the forefront of Cottesmorians’ minds and will continue to be so in the coming ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 05.10.15

A French fashion show, success for our Mathletes, sporting victories, family golf and a visit to a country fair: it’s ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 29.09.15

Academic News   Our Scholars In the coming week our scholars will be looking at their reading with our new Head of English, ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 21.09.15

Cottesmorians showed their sporting resilience and determination for the opening fixtures of the term, when the weather tried — and ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 15.09.15

‘Funday’ was certainly an apt name for the first Sunday ‘in’ of the new term as Cottesmorians old and new ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 11.09.15

The New School Year There’s a warm welcome for everyone after the long summer break.  Our returning pupils, along with over ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 07.07.15

The summer term, along with the school year, draws to a close and there’s a great number of exciting events ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 29.06.15

It’s certainly a case of revolving doors at Cottesmore this week as pupils are out and about on educational trips; ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 23.06.15

The brisk pace continues as Cottesmorians begin to look ahead to next year’s studies. From the Reception class of the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 16.06.15

 After a well-earned half term break, it’s full steam ahead for the remainder of the term. There’s a great deal ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 05.06.15

The first half of the summer term has seen Cottesmorians enjoy success across many areas of school life and they ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 02.06.15

The ‘Quiet please’ notices are once more posted around the school and an air of studious calm pervades the building ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 28.05.15

Last week’s Visual Arts trip to a new venue was an unqualified success and Cottesmorians were complimented on their “engaged ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 19.05.15

Cottesmorians are ‘out and about’ with trips to support their curricular studies, including a new venue in our Visual Arts ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 12.05.15

The summer weather may have been 'mixed' thios week, but inside all is light and energy as Cottesmorians cheerfully apply ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 08.05.15

The blustery weather may have put paid to last Saturday’s sporting fixtures, but our intrepid Geography field trip students were ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 28.04.15

Academic News While a great deal of attention at the top of the school is focused on revision for the upcoming ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 22.04.15

 Bright sunshine and colourful spring blooms greet our pupils old and new as the new term begins.  The signs of ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 23.03.15

Cottesmorians’ energy shows no sign of flagging as a dynamic and productive term draws to its close. As well concluding ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 17.03.15

 It’s ‘Viva Espana’ at Cottesmore this week as we start our World Awareness Week; as well as a range of ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 11.03.15

 The Chattanooga Choo Choo came steaming into the hall on Saturday courtesy of the Chapel Choir — and Glenn Miller’s ...   Read more
Year 4 Scholarship Day - 20.03.15

 We will be holding a Scholarship Day on Friday 20th March for Year 4 entry for September 2015. Academic, Sport and ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 03.03.15

It’s a diverse week for Cottesmorians: from the studied hush of our 38th annual Chess Congress to the Big Band ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term Half Term 13.02.15

It’s been a bustling and rewarding first half of term with visiting speakers enhancing Cottesmorians’ academic knowledge, well-deserved sporting victories ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 09.02.15

‘Wizard!’ was the verdict after Cottesmorians paid a visit to Harry Potter World to kick-start our Literacy Week.  From the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 03.02.15

Is there wizardry afoot as anticipation grows for Literacy Week? Read on and find out! We have celebrated some fantastic ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 28.01.15

It’s been another diverse week for Cottesmorians: from poetry to volcanoes via some splendid sporting successes and innovations, it was ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 20.01.15

 The term is well established and Cottesmorians are working and playing hard as we head towards a well-earned exeat this ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 08.01.15

The happy buzz of a new year and a new term is much in evidence as everyone returns from the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 08.12.14

It’s fair to say that Cottesmorians are beside themselves with excitement: yes, there’s packing and the end-of-term jobs to do, ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 03.12.14

Festive music fills the air as rehearsals for our carol concert and the Pre-Prep Nativity are well under way.  Academic ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 26.11.14

In a new departure for the newsletter we begin a series of staff profiles, in which we find out about ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 18.11.14

The tranquil hush of exam week has settled over the school, in sharp contrast to the fanfare which celebrated the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 11.11.14

 Spectacle and solemnity sum up recent days at Cottesmore. Our bonfire celebration on Saturday night was a superb evening of ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 04.11.14

Our dazzling firework display will light up the night sky on Saturday as we celebrate Bonfire Night. The construction of ...   Read more
Half Term Newsletter - Winter Term 17.10.14

The new school year saw us bid ‘welcome’ to new staff and a total of 54 new pupils across the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 13.10.14

Amid all the excitement of activities out of school, the arrival of visiting speakers and the half term holiday, we ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 09.10.14

Not one, but twenty-two Head Teachers were at Cottesmore yesterday! Hosted by Mr Rogerson, the IAPS District III Heads Meeting ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 30.09.14

Our beautiful grounds are glowing with autumn tints of russet and gold; Cottesmorians can admire this gorgeous palette of colours ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 23.09.14

 Sporting and music successes, not to mention auditions for our production of ‘Oliver’, a trip to London and seeing stars ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 15.09.14

The new term is really going with a swing — and we’re not just talking about the Golf Family Foursomes! ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 09.09.14

The New School Year Cottesmore is abuzz with chatter and energy as everyone catches up with news of activities from the ...   Read more
Cottesmore's New All-weather Sports Pitch

Cottesmore’s floodlit area, presently called the ‘Hard Courts’, is being converted into an all-weather sports area with an astro-turf surface. We ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 09.07.14

 A summer term which has been dynamic and energetic in every sense draws to a close.  As well as all ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 03.07.14

What better way to begin Arts Week activities than with a trip to London to see the acclaimed Matisse exhibition? ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 24.06.14

Academic News   French Trip to Hardelot Plage: Forms 3 and 4 Unfazed by their early start, Cottesmorians packed plenty of activities into ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 18.06.14

Cottesmorians are venturing far and wide in pursuit of their learning (as well as their personal development) in this second ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 11.06.14

Cottesmore’s usual brisk and industrious pace has characterised the first half of term and we have celebrated our pupils’ successes ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 03.06.14

 It’s a week of contrasts in the run up to the half term holiday: first the exams, when a particular ...   Read more
Old Cottesmorian Plays For England at Twickenham

Old Cottesmorian and Harlequins forward, Luke Wallace, is in the starting line-up for the England/ Barbarians match today, Sunday 1st ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 28.05.14

Warm congratulations to Alex who has achieved excellent grades in his Winchester College entrance examinations.  This terrific personal achievement also ...   Read more
Record Breaker!

Hannah, usually known for her ability in long distance running, broke two spinting records during the Athletics Heats last week.  She ...   Read more
Charity Cycle: Eiffel Tower in 24 Hours

On May 24th 2014, a pack of cyclists took on an epic challenge. They left Heathfield, East Sussex at 5pm ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 22.05.14

Our Swimarathon charity event was its usual high-spirited success as Cottesmorians and our guests from other schools took part in ...   Read more

IAPS National Swimming Championships 2014 - Saturday 10th May   The Cottesmore U11 eight-stage-relay team met at K2 early on Saturday morning. ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 13.05.14

 It’s been another action-packed and varied week for Cottesmorians with swimming squad success in a national competition, a visit from ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 06.05.14

Cottesmore’s 120th anniversary celebration the Double Diamond Ball is firmly in our sights with tickets now on sale from the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 25.04.14

There are big celebrations ahead for Cottesmore this term as we mark the 120th anniversary of the founding of the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 25.03.14

The Easter term draws to its close after spectacular scholarship successes, a full fixture list and   a packed programme of ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 17.03.14

There are more fantastic scholarship successes for a number of Cottesmorians, who are being awarded places at their first choice ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 10.03.14

After a welcome exeat break there’s another busy week ahead.  The culmination of a great deal of hard work will ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 03.03.14

Record-breaking numbers of visitors flocked to Cottesmore on Saturday for our Open Morning.  As well as welcoming those who had ...   Read more
Scholarship Success - 24.02.14

More Scholarship Awards for Cottesmorians! Scholarships are being awarded to Cottesmorians thick and fast, getting the second half of term off ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term Half Term

The first half of this term has been positive and productive with new pupils settling in well and academic successes ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 10.02.14

There’s more great scholarship news!  Warm congratulations go to Naoki for his Music Scholarship to St Edward’s Oxford. Naoki’s wonderful ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 04.02.14

  Our first scholarship of 2014 has been awarded!  Warm congratulations go to Lourdes, who has won a sports scholarship to ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 31.01.14

  There was cause for sporting celebration with a Cottesmore ‘grand slam’ in rugby last week. All teams deservedly tasted success ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 23.01.14

Excitement is building for our Multi-Sports trip to Dubai with this Saturday’s fund-raising event: read on for details.  Hard-working Cottesmorians ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term 13.01.14

A warm welcome awaited everyone as they returned from the Christmas break as we look forward to a term filled ...   Read more

TEMPORARY EMAIL: COTTESMORESCHOOL@OUTLOOK.COM   01293 520648 IS DIVERTING TO MOBILES   Dear all,   We hope that you have a had a delightful break ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 09.12.13

The final days of another full and rounded term are galloping along.  Excitement runs very high for our Christmas celebration ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 03.12.13

The last full week of the term is here and Cottesmorians may have one eye on the festivities ahead — ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 27.11.13

Academic News The exam season is now over and the process of corrections is well under way. When each Cottesmorian has ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 18.11.13

Academic News This week the whole school is sitting exams on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The Senior Pupils will take ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 12.11.13

The second half of term is under way with typical energy and enthusiasm. The sporting tallies continue to climb and ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 05.11.13

Cottesmorians are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed following their half term break.  British Summer Time has ended and the clocks have been ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 18.10.13

As the first half of term draws to close Cottesmorians can reflect on the application, energy and enthusiasm which they ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 14.10.13

Doughnut Duelling and Conker Gathering have been hugely popular with Cottesmorians this week.  Half term is almost here, but there ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 09.10.13

The autumn tints of russet and gold are adorning the trees in our grounds which are gradually acquiring a thin ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 09.09.13

Mark Rogerson RIP Many of you will have heard the very sad news that Mark passed away peacefully on August 1st ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 30.09.13

Cottesmorians have been delving into Britain’s Roman heritage, enjoying a new Sunday activity and helping with a marvellously successful Open ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 24.09.13

The first exeat of the term has been and gone; it’s a welcome breather as pupils reacquaint themselves with the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 16.09.13

It’s been a typically purposeful start to the new school year for Cottesmorians. Alongside their classroom learning and sports training ...   Read more
Junior Polo Success!

Managed by George Cramp, Audrey West's husband, Will and Ollie won their class at the Polo Championship finals; all the practising during ...   Read more
Tatler Schools Guide 2014 - 'The Top Prep and Public Schools in the UK'

We are delighted that Cottesmore has once again been chosen to appear in the Tatler Schools Guide for 2014, which ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 08.07.13

The summer sun arrives at last – which will make the essential end-of-term packing and tidying jobs less arduous, before ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 24.06.13

Activity and endeavour characterise every aspect of school life as Cottesmorians continue their learning both inside and outside the classroom. Academic ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 17.06.13

The second half of term gets under way with Arts Week, in which we keep our academic focus after the ...   Read more
Half Term Newsletter - Summer 2013

    There has been so much to celebrate in this first half of term across many different spheres of school life.   Mr ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 30.05.13

The “Quiet Please” notices will be much in evidence all around the school next week for exams, but once they ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 03.05.13

Our chapel choir were in fine voice yesterday for the christening of Mr and Mrs Rogerson’s baby son Wilfred in ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 18.05.13

Cottesmore achieves another academic high this week as we hear that Joscelyn has passed his entrance examinations for Winchester College.   ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 09.05.13

 Cottesmorians are working hard as examinations are on the horizon, yet at the same time they are giving their all ...   Read more
A Musical Evening in aid of CCHF--All About Kids

                                                 A Musical Evening                                          on Tuesday 18th June 2013              at the Royal Automobile Club, Woodcote Park, Epsom, KT18 7EW                                        in ...   Read more
Chess News - Archie in Sussex National Win

Archie played in the Sussex team at the U11 English Primary Schools Chess Association national finals in Nottingham on the weekend . ...   Read more

Our Open Morning is being held on Saturday 11th May from 10am until 12pm - do please come along and ...   Read more
Cottesmore is top in West Sussex in nationwide History competition

Cottesmore has come top in West Sussex in the Townsend-Warner History Prize 2013. Anna-Karina has consistently demonstrated her History essay writing skills ...   Read more
Academic Scholarship to Marlborough

The summer term has opened with the fantastic news that Sebastian has been awarded an academic scholarship to Marlborough College.  Our warm congratulations go ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 18.03.13

The Easter term ends with the marvellous news that two more Cottesmorians have been awarded scholarships to their public schools. Academic ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 13.03.13

After the musical brilliance of the concert and a well-deserved exeat weekend, Cottesmorians are transported to another continent this week ...   Read more
ICE AND SNOW NEWS: THE DRIVE (11.03.13, 11.15am) - Pease Pottage in National News

The drive (if you can make it that far!) The drive is covered in a layer of ...   Read more
SNOW RETURNS: THE DRIVE (11.03.13, 11.15am)

The drive Please drive at 5mph or less on the Cottesmore drive The drive ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 05.02.13

Exams may be over for the time being, but a different kind of hush will settle over Cottesmore on Tuesday: ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 27.02.13

Cottesmore’s annual Music Concert is always a much-anticipated event and this year we have even more superlatives to describe it:  ...   Read more
Open Morning - Saturday, 2nd March 10.00 am

Parents and their families are invited to Cottesmore's Open Morning on Saturday, 2nd March 10.00 am. Visitors attend a tour and ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 15.02.13

The first half of the Easter Term has been packed with a plethora of memorable experiences. The snow activities provided fun ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 11.02.13

It’s been a highly successful week for Cottesmorians: we have celebrated a scholarship award as well as a number of ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 29.01.13

The snow has now vanished, but igloo building, sledging and lots of new snow activities will live long in Cottesmorians’ ...   Read more
Cottesmore Ski Team Update

Day 1 After a terrific journey to Meiringen, closely followed by hiring racing skies and boots, the team took the cable ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 29.01.13

 The snow has now vanished, but igloo building, sledging and lots of new snow activities will live long in Cottesmorians’ memories!   Academic ...   Read more

Recommended speed on drive: LESS THAN 5 MPH Give us a call if you want to be picked up from the services: 01293 520648...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 21.01.13

The snow may have caused the cancellation of Saturday’s matches but disappointments were soon forgotten as Cottesmorians wrapped up warmly ...   Read more
SNOW NEWS: THE DRIVE (Monday - 5.00pm, 21.01.13)

The ice and snow on the drive has melted to a certain extent. Recommended Speed on the Drive for all vehicles: Less ...   Read more
SNOW NEWS: THE DRIVE (10.54pm, Sunday - 20.01.13)

The drive is very slippery indeed: going at 10mph there is a 15/ 20 yard stopping time. Stuart and Martin, the ...   Read more
SNOW NEWS: THE DRIVE (12.35pm 20.01.13)

Shuttle runs to school from Pease Pottage Services Please call the school - 01293 520648 - if ...   Read more
SNOW NEWS: THE DRIVE (9.30pm, Friday night)

Just been out onto the drive... (9.30pm, Friday night) and there is a new thin layer of snow. It was ...   Read more
Snow Update: 17.57pm, 18.01.13

We hope you are all warm and safe!   The Drive   The snowfall has subsided and the drive is clear (at 17.57pm, 18.01.13 - Friday ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 15.01.13

The first full week of the new term is a very busy one for Cottesmorians.  As well as a full ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 09.01.13

There’s a new arrival at Cottesmore — but we won’t be seeing him in the classroom just yet! Mr and Mrs ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 10.12.12

Among our own traditions at the end of the winter term we also celebrate the Danish festival of Santa Lucia ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 03.12.12

The last full week of term is here and while Christmas is getting ever closer, there’s no slackening of the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 28.11.12

Our annual play is always a high point in the winter term calendar and this year was no exception.  As ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 21.11.12

Common Entrance Examination trials and school exams meant that a hush descended over Cottesmore for a considerable part of last ...   Read more
Christmas Fayre - Saturday 24th November

Cottesmore's Christmas Fayre takes place on Saturday 24th November from 11am to 2pm. Come along and stock up on your Christmas ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 12.11.12

The second half of term is under way in typically energetic style with interactive Shakespeare, traditional firework celebrations, a French ...   Read more
Shakespeare for the whole school...

The second half of the Winter term started with a bang this morning. The Young Shakespeare Company performed an interactive version ...   Read more
LAST CHANCE TO BUY TICKETS!! Bonfire Night -Saturday 10th November

Don't forget to buy your tickets for Cottesmore's Bonfire Night! The fun begins at 5pm with the lighting of the bonfire ...   Read more
Bonfire Night - Saturday 10th November

Don't forget to buy your tickets for Cottesmore's Bonfire Night! The fun begins at 5pm with the lighting of the bonfire ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 21.10.12

  The first half of the Winter Term has passed seemingly in a flash with all the activity and ‘pep’ which ...   Read more
5 stars from FSA

Cottesmore received an impromptu visit from the Food Standards Agency this morning. Thanks go to Austin, Kay and the whole Cottesmore ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 16.10.12

Autumn comes to Cottesmore with our Harvest Festival Service, conker searches – and rainy match days! Sports News   Football   The mighty thirds continued ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 04.10.12

  Cottesmorians have been working and playing exceptionally hard this week and everyone is really looking forward to this weekend’s exeat ...   Read more
Girls Football Team

In hobbies yesterday, the girls played a football match against the boys. Despite the terrible weather making the pitch rather ...   Read more
Sunday Brownie Making!

On Sunday, when the rain was pouring down and there was little hope of outdoor activity, Miss Edwards and Miss ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 24.09.12

Cottesmorians are looking ahead to cultural activities this week, while looking back to last week’s superb round of sports victories ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 17.09.12

Cottesmorians have made a very auspicious start to the term’s sporting fixtures with victories in football and girls’ hockey, while ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 12.09.12

The school is humming with industry as the new term — and the new school year — establish their rhythm.  ...   Read more
Newslettter - Summer Term, 09.07.12

The summer term – and incredibly, another school year – draws to a close.  Amidst all the packing and practical ...   Read more
National Champion! Hannah is number 1

Hannah won the 800m final at the IAPS national athletics championships in Birmingham yesterday, 2nd July. Hannah qualified at the heats at K2 ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 01.07.12

Cottesmorians’ usual boundless energy has been much in evidence this week, though it had to be briefly curtailed to enable ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 29.06.12

With half term behind us we’re marching briskly towards the end of term with a great deal yet to accomplish ...   Read more
Newsletter - Half Term, 16.06.12

Looking back to the opening of last year’s summer half-term newsletter it could almost be assumed that it was written ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 11.06.12

The Jubilee bunting fluttered bravely for Grandparents Day, while the sun shone long enough for the little ones in the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 29.05.12

Last week the barbeques made their first (we hope not their only!) appearance of the year as Cottesmorians enjoyed cooking ...   Read more
Bronze Medalists - National Championships IAPS Swimming Success

Pier, Noah, Marcus, James P, Christopher, Josh B, Toby, and Finn came third nationally in the IAPS National Championships, swimming ...   Read more
Arch Rivals - Cottesmorian in National Chess Success

Young Cottesmorian, Archie, was chosen to represent Sussex in the National Chess Championship Final in Northampton last weekend. The Sussex Junior Chess ...   Read more
Petworth Real Tennis Tournament

The Cottesmore real tennis team played a very enjoyable triangular match against Windlesham and Westbourne on Thursday evening.  Benjy and Tom ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 21.05.12

It’s been a great week to celebrate success at Cottesmore both academically and in the sporting arena, while at the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 14.05.12

With impeccable timing the sunshine made a guest appearance at the weekend for a glorious day of Family Foursomes Golf ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 07.05.12

Outside the ‘summer’ weather may be damp, but inside all is light and energy as Cottesmorians cheerfully apply themselves to ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 30.04.12

The summer term slips smoothly into its groove and the new children are settling in well. The only thing that’s ...   Read more
Buchan wins prizes!

Miss Edwards and Buchan were busy today at The "Oscar's" Dog Show in Plaistow, not far from Cottesmore. Thanks to Miss Edwards spotting ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term, 25.04.12

Refreshed and revitalised after the Easter break, everyone looks forward to a term that’s packed with industry and endeavour in ...   Read more
End of Term Newsletter - Easter Term 2012

Term Overview Cottesmorians have applied themselves with great diligence and determination to what has been a relatively short yet intense term. ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 26.03.12

These closing days of the term are characterised by the necessary packing and final checks, followed by Set activities and ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 19.03.12

"I Will Sing With The Spirit": The Admission of Choristers service on Sunday evening was a great success.   The last ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 14.03.12

Bertie gets stuck into some fire-fighting practice during a demonstration by the local fire brigade   Patience, determination and persistence have been ...   Read more
The First Lake Expedition of 2012

The first expedition of the year to the Cottesmore lake took place on Sunday - it very much marks the beginning ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 10.03.12

The Cottesmore Chess Congress Competitors   Last week ended on a particularly high note as the school community came together for our ...   Read more
IAPS National Cross Country Championship 2012

The girls U11 Cottesmore Cross Country team travelled to Malvern College for the IAPS National Championship on Sunday. Hannah Coles claimed second place in the small ...   Read more
Poetry Declamation 2012

The finals of the Poetry Declamation took place on Wednesday evening. Throughout this term, every Cottesmorian memorised a poem in order to perform in ...   Read more
World Book Day Celebrations

Pre-prep Cottesmorians dressed up as their favourite literary characters and put on a parade for the prep school on Thursday morning....   Read more
Young Musician of the Year Finalist Recital

Laura van der Heijden, BBC Young Musician of the Year Finalist, visited Cottesmore this afternoon to perform three pieces that ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 27.02.12

As well as applying themselves to their academic studies, Cottesmorians are putting heart and soul into Drama and Music this ...   Read more
Newsletter, Easter Term - 22.02.12

A refurbished Library, tales from Dubai and the perils of Pancake Day: the second half of the Easter Term gets ...   Read more
Pancake Race 2012

The annual Cottesmore Pancake Race took place tonight on the gravel. Earlier in the day, the catering team had cooked ...   Read more
Dubai Sports Tour 2012 News

Cottesmore's Dubai Sports Tour 2012 is now firmly under way. After a long wait at Heathrow, having been very prompt due ...   Read more
Newsletter - Half Term, Easter 2012

Incredibly, half term is here.  Although it’s been a short first half to the Easter Term so much has been ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter, 08.02.12

While many sporting fixtures have fallen victim to freezing temperatures and the subsequent snow, Cottesmorians’ competitive edge remains sharp.  Sunday’s ...   Read more
Cottesmore's Got Talent - Easter Term 2012

The whole school gathered last night for another magical instalment of Cottesmore's Got Talent. There was a smörgåsbord of talent on display including ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 30.02.12

From Australia to Everest (with thoughts of Dubai), time travelling to the Middle Ages and the Victorian era,  new activities ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 23.01.12

From literary analysis to laser tag, our Olympic chef and a trip to Mount Everest, (not forgetting curry and jazz), ...   Read more
Olympic Chef!

Cottesmore’s Head Chef has been selected  to cook at the Olympics this summer. Austin Morris, Cottesmore’s Head Chef, has been chosen ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 16.01.12

Crisp and cold January days outdoors and high levels of energy and application indoors mark the start of this new ...   Read more
Newlsetter - Easter Term, 12.01.12

A new term begins and the school once again vibrates to the sound of cheerful young voices catching up with ...   Read more
Cottesmore's Dubai Sports Tour 2012 Preparations

Mr Walker is galvanising the troops for Cottesmore's Sports Tour of Dubai 2012 in five weeks time. The girls will be ...   Read more
The Old Cottesmorians' Cocktail Party 2011

Old Cottesmorians congregated in the Princess Marie Louise Room at The Oxford and Camridge Club on Thursday. There was a wonderful ...   Read more
The Cottesmore Glitter Ball 2011

The Cottesmore Glitter Ball was a grand success again this year. Guests from London and Sussex arrived at 7.30pm and, after a glass ...   Read more
The Feast 2011

The Feast 2011 was a great success thanks to the Austin, Kay, Sue, Hazel and the Danish Girls. In their post-dinner ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 03.12.11

Some keen orchard restorers   The last full week of the term is here and work continues apace while anticipation grows for ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 12.12.11

As we move into the final days of another hectic term we have paused to reflect on the spirit and ...   Read more
Old Cottesmorians do battle in the Premiership: Wasps 16-22 Harlequins

Wasps: 16 Tries: Southwell, Varndell; Penalties: Robinson 2 Harlequins: 22 Tries: Hooper, Brown, Wallace; Penalties:  Evans; Conversions: Evans 2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Having displayed their defensive ...   Read more
The Cottesmore Christmas Fayre

Stallholders were impressed with their surroundings when they arrived early on Saturday morning to set up their stands for the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 28.11.11

After all the excitement of the last week it’s a much quieter week in prospect – but that doesn’t mean ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 14.11.11

Cottesmorians have once again recorded some resounding victories in sport during the last week.  As well as justifiable pride in ...   Read more
Newsletter – Winter Term 22.11.11

Great excitement and anticipation are the links between the week which has just passed and the one ahead.  Once the ...   Read more
Colts A Win Football Tournament (and the 1st VI come in a close second)

The Cottesmore Colts 'A' football team returned to school with silverware this afternoon, having won a local tournament. The other competitors ...   Read more
Half Term Newsletter – Winter 2011

The rich russets and golds of the autumn leaves are now much in evidence around the school grounds after some ...   Read more
Newsletter – Winter Term 10.10.11

This week Cottesmorians have taken time to consider those in need of help and support. They have learned about and ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 08.11.11

Smiles all around for the U9A team after an excellent match at Cumnor   The second half of term has started with a string of ...   Read more
Make a wish!

The Christmas season has officially started with the stirring of the Christmas Pudding tonight. In the picture above Minna, Cristina, ...   Read more
Bonfire Night Party 2011

Bonfire Night went off with a bang this year - Mr Kennedy, Mr Olivier, Mr Lyde and the Beegan team did a ...   Read more
Girls Lead the Way in School Play Rehearsals

Actresses try on their 1940's party frocks   Preparations for the school play are under way and the Cottesmore girls are leading ...   Read more
Old Cottesmorian Rugby Success

Luke Wallace (Cottesmore 1st XV 2002/2003) has been part of the Harlequins squad since leaving senior school. However, his first ...   Read more
Wasps sign Old Cottesmorian Scotland international full-back Hugo Southwell

Wasps have signed Old Cottesmorian Scotland international full-back Hugo Southwell (Cottesmore 1st XV 1992/ 1993) from Stade Francais on a two-year ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 03.10.11

The Junior maths team  - the girls came third out of thirty schools in their group at a local Maths ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 20.09.11

The 1st XI after beating Windlesham 3-1   From bushcraft to big cats via mosaics and musical toys, it’s been a diverse ...   Read more
Family Foursomes - Winter Term 2011

A keen golfing team   The Family Foursomes golf competition on Sunday was a great success. The sun shone all morning and into the ...   Read more
"Dear Cotty pupils old and new...". A letter from an Old Cottesmorian

"Dear Cotty Pupils old and new,   Things are going well here but I am really missing Cottesmore life and the routine, ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term 19.09.11

The rhythm of the new term is well established and already the first exeat has been enjoyed.  All of our ...   Read more
Cottesmore 'Best Boarding School' nomination

This week Cottesmore was nominated in the 'Best Boarding School' category at the Good Schools Awards. The ceremony took place at the Kensington ...   Read more
'Bushcraft' Leadership Course - Forms 1 and 2

Warming Up!   Leadership and teamwork skills were high on the agenda for Forms 1 and 2 this week. Four representatives from The ...   Read more
Tatler Schools Guide 2012

The team at Cottesmore are delighted again with the review in The Tatler Schools Guide 2012. Only the country’s top 200 ...   Read more
Arundel Castle Visit

Mr Holdway led a successful trip to Arundel Castle on Sunday - it was a sunny afternoon and fortunately the ...   Read more
Newsletter - Winter Term, 08.09.11

Some keen under 9 footballers on Thursday   A new school year begins and as well as welcoming our returning pupils we ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 12.07.11

The summer term – along with the school year – is drawing to a close. The pupils have lots to look ...   Read more
100% Common Entrance Exam Success!

Congratulations go to this year's Common Entrance candidates who all passed into their Public Schools with flying colours. Well done, class ...   Read more
Athletics Report 2011

After a dry and mostly bright early spring the Athletics Season 2011 was under way. The start was a week ...   Read more
Newsletter Summer Term 04.07.11

The photograph above is of some Third and Fourth Formers on the French trip. The theme of outdoor learning continues for Cottesmorians ...   Read more
Newsletter Summer Term 28.06.11

The photograph above is of Dougal and one of the butterflies released during the Pre-prep incubation project.   After a vibrant week ...   Read more
Arts Week - Latin Play

Miss Harris, Head of Classics, has been engaging the keen Latin speakers in Form 2 with a play: Tres Porculi et ...   Read more
Arts Week - Shakespeare Workshop

The Shakespearean comedy Twelfth Night was the basis for Form 4's drama sessions with Mr Lawley during Arts Week. To pack ...   Read more
Arts Week - French Play

The French Play was greeted with raucous applause this afternoon. It was split into two sketches and included enough slapstick moments to keep ...   Read more
The French Trip

The French Trip left very early on Friday morning for their week in St. Malo. They arrived late on Friday ...   Read more
Arts Week - Form 1 Play

Over the last few days Miss Lilley has been leading drama workshops with Form 1, which have been centred around ...   Read more
Fathers vs Masters Cricket Match

Despite wet conditions throughout the day the Fathers vs Masters cricket match started on time with the parents going in to ...   Read more
Arts Week - Apache Art Demonstration

Art Week continued today and the school was awash with Apache Art and Culture. Terry Pickard from The Apache Art ...   Read more
Summer Term Newsletter - 21.06.11

The first half of term closed with one of the great family events on the Cottesmore calendar: Sports Day. After ...   Read more
Arts Week 2011

Please click this link to see pictures of today's activities An explosion of creativity has marked the beginning of Arts Week, ...   Read more
Newsletter Summer 2011 Half Term

The first half of the Summer term has been both full and rounded in every sense and we began by ...   Read more
Newsletter Summer Term 09.06.11

The ‘quiet please’ notices are posted around the school and an air of studious calm pervades the building: this is ...   Read more
Newsletter Summer Term 31.05.11

The good weather finally broke, in time for long exeat break but not before the annual school photograph which was ...   Read more
Girls Run in 'Race for Life'

Congratulations to the three senior girls who took part in Race for Life this evening! Race for Life is the largest women-only fundraising ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 25.05.11

The pink, white and purple rhododendrons are in bloom, adding to the blaze of colour around the grounds as well ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 17.05.11

The Common Entrance exams begin, but it’s the turn of our chef Austin and his team to be top of ...   Read more
New Headmaster of King's Canterbury Visit and Talk

Mr Peter Roberts came to talk to the Cottesmore pupils on Sunday night. Mr Roberts is presently Headmaster of Bradfield and ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 11.05.11

It has been another action-packed and varied week for Cottesmorians with brain training, the confirmation service, superb music exam results, ...   Read more
Family Foursomes Golf Competition Summer 2011

The Family Foursomes golf competition took place on Cottesmore's nine-hole golf course - The Ostrich Feather Course. The weather conditions ...   Read more
Confirmation Congratulations

Congratulations to the confirmees! The choir sang beautifully yesterday at the confirmation service - the anthem was 'Alleluia' and the Sung ...   Read more
Newsletter - Summer Term 02.05.11

The summer term has started in glorious weather, with the school and grounds bathed in warm sunshine every day so ...   Read more
Cottesmore says - GO WILL AND KATE!

....   Read more
UNBEATEN! 1st XI, 2nd XI and 3rd XI

It has been a record-breaking season with the senior teams not losing a single match. The Colts also had a ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 29.03.11

The Easter term draws to its close with some spectacular successes as well as a packed programme of events, rounding ...   Read more
The Carson Cup 2011

The two races were run in great springtime weather - sunny, warm and still.   The Under 11's ran first.  Josh ran ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 21.03.11

Roald Dahl, Red Noses, Private Peaceful, new choristers and swimming championships, not forgetting ChickWatch! It has been another rounded and ...   Read more
World Awareness Week 2011: India

Matron Miss Hepburn shows the boys and girls at Cottesmore how it’s done on the first day of World Awareness ...   Read more
The Admission of Choristers

Congratulations to the eleven Cottesmorians who were admitted to the Cottesmore Chapel Choir last night. Mr Alastair Land, from Winchester College, kindly ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 15.03.11

What a week... from the studied concentration and skill of the Cottesmore Chess Congress to the hidden talents displayed in ...   Read more
Pancake Race 2011

Clives, Drakes, Haigs and Scotts had a flipping good time last night at the Set Pancake Race 2011 Mr Williams, the ...   Read more
Cottesmore Chess Congress 2011

Cottesmore hosted its 34th Chess Congress yesterday at which twelve Sussex prep school were represented. The event was a particularly ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 07.03.11

The last week has been especially busy, ending with the superb Concert in which the whole school took part. The Concert This ...   Read more
Newsletter - Easter Term, 28.02.11

Everyone is refreshed and raring to go after a super half-term break. It’s been a busy and successful week as ...   Read more
West Sussex County Times Article Over Easter Half Term

....   Read more
Easter Half Term Newsletter 2011

We are now racing towards Easter with lots of wonderful events behind us and so much to look forward to. ...   Read more
SCUBA diving at Cottesmore

Pupils at Cottesmore School in Pease Pottage have a new sport to add to the already extensive choice of activities ...   Read more
Cottesmore article in London's SW Magazine: "A Rounded Education"

There are many things that people claim leads to a well-rounded education. For some it is to know a little ...   Read more
Winter Term 2010 - Newsletter 3

We have had a very busy three weeks since Half Term. On Saturday 6th November we hosted a Bonfire Night. It was ...   Read more
Harlequins sign Old Cottesmorian Luke Wallace

Congratulations go to Old Cottesmorian Luke Wallace who has signed a deal with the Harlequins Rugby Football Club. He will ...   Read more
The Old Cottesmorian Cocktail Party 2010

Photos of the evening:   The Old Cottesmorian Cocktail Party was a great success this year. Drinks started at 6.00pm ...   Read more
SECOND TO NUN! A habit of excellence

The hills are alive with the sound of music. Soul music! Tonight, the North Downs were ringing with funky, loud and ...   Read more
Tatler Schools Guide 2011

"A buzzing, welcoming, family school - outstanding is the word." - Tatler Schools Guide 2011. The team at Cottesmore are delighted ...   Read more
Winter Term 2010 - Newsletter 2

This week has been filled with a variety of action! There have been football matches against Handcross Park, the first team ...   Read more
Winter Term 2010 - Newsletter 1

The Winter Term has started excellently with Cottesmore welcoming a large number of new children to both the Prep and Pre-Prep school. Despite ...   Read more
OC receives MC

Today we pay tribute to Old Cottesmorian Rowley Gregg who went to Buckingham Palace to receive a top bravery award ...   Read more
Cottesmore Swimarathon 2010 - A splashing good day

A fantastic day was had by all of the schools who attended this year's Cottesmore Charity Swimarathon. A huge thank you must go ...   Read more
Granny Daly - 40 years of service to Cottesmore

Granny Daly, who was an intergal part of Cottesmore for 40 years, passed away on Tuesday evening at the age ...   Read more
100% Common Entrance Exam Success!

Congratulations go to this year's Common Entrance candidates who all passed into their Public Schools with flying colours. Well done, class ...   Read more
Summer Term

The Summer Term began in brilliant sunshine with not an ash cloud to be seen! Despite not everyone being able to ...   Read more

Cottesmore's 1st Cricket XI are preparing for The Cottesmore Dubai Cricket Tour 2010, and will be leaving for the UEA this Friday. Mr Walker, has been ...   Read more
Easter Term 2010 - Newsletter 2

We've had a great week over the last 7 days. There were matches last Wednesday against Handcross Park for three rugby teams. ...   Read more
Snow Photos

Please click below 'Related Links' to the right to see the latest snow photos....   Read more
The Cottesmore Glitter Ball - A Sparkling Success

The Cotttesmore Glitter Ball 2009, held on the Saturday after the end of term, was a sparkling success. Various Sussex and London ...   Read more
Cottesmore Swimarathon 2009 - Splash for Cash!

This morning, Horsham's representative for local charity Chase, John Hastings pictured above, received Cottesmore's cheque for £4051.60. He spoke at Cottemore’s chapel line-up to ...   Read more
Winter Term 2009 - Week 7

After the excellence of bonfire night, surely nothing could be as much fun? But last weekend we were lucky enough ...   Read more
Winter Term 2009 - Week 6

We’ve had a great first week back after half term. Everyone returned to school refreshed and raring to go!   We saw ...   Read more
Winter Term 2009 - Week 5

Another great week at Cottesmore! On Tuesday the enigmatic worldwide adventurer, Hektor Krome, visited us and he wowed the children ...   Read more
Winter Term 2009 - Week 3

Week three was a very busy sporting week Monday kicked off with six of the U11’s going to Lancing College ...   Read more
Winter Term 2009 - Week 2

Cottesmore has been bathed in sunlight for the last few days and we have loved every minute of it!   What a ...   Read more
Tatler Schools Guide 2010

The team at Cottesmore are delighted with the review in The Tatler Schools Guide 2010. Only the country’s top 100 independent ...   Read more
Special Congrats for Cottesmore's Unbeaten 1st XV

Cottesmore's unbeaten rugby 1st XV was congratulated by Luke Wallace last Sunday. Old Cottesmorian Luke has recently signed a two ...   Read more
Swine Flu Update - 29th June 2009

The school remains open but the situation is being constantly monitored. We have taken advice on the possible pandemic from ...   Read more
Summer Term 2009 - Week 7

Off to France the Third and Fourth went early on Tuesday morning to speak French, eat French food, interview French ...   Read more
Summer Term 2009 - Week 6

Congratulations to all the Common Entrance candidates! They all passed into their first choice schools – well done! Exam week was ...   Read more
Summer Term 2009 - Week 5

Despite Wednesday’s rain we have had the most fantastic weather at Cottesmore. The sun has shone and the children have ...   Read more
Summer Term 2009 - Week 4

Another great week at Cottesmore with lots going on. Last Monday saw the 1st tennis team play at home against Brambletye. ...   Read more
Summer Term 2009 - Week 3

Sunshine and showers with a rather gusty wind has been the recipe for his week! Thankfully though it hasn’t stopped ...   Read more
Summer Term 2009 - Week 2 News

Another week has flown by at Cottesmore. The seniors have been doing their Common Entrance Trials this week and so ...   Read more
Summer Term 2009 - Week 1

We couldn’t have had a better start to the term weather wise – Cottesmore has been basking in the warm ...   Read more
Easter Term 2009 - Week 9

An excellent week at Cottesmore has been had! We have received the fantastic news that 3 of our children have ...   Read more
Newsletter Easter Term Week 5

After a lovely week of rest, everyone has returned to school raring to go for the last four and a half weeks ...   Read more
Newsletter Easter Term Week 4

As the snow fell on Sunday evening we knew that this week was going to be spent mostly outside! Monday’s ...   Read more
Newsletter Easter Term Week 6

Another week as flown by here at Cottesmore. We started our hockey season this week and there have been a ...   Read more
Newsletter Week 3

This week hasn’t been quite as hectic as last but lots still went on.The 4th and 5th forms went off ...   Read more
Newsletter Week 2

What a week!We had our Ofsted inspection on Monday and Tuesday and once again Cottesmore has achieved the highest mark ...   Read more
Newsletter Week 1

Our first week back has been an action packed one. The Christmas Quiz was one of the first activities on ...   Read more
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